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Nuke plugin for Conductor Cloud Rendering Platform.

Project description

Conductor for Nuke

Nuke plugin submitter for the Conductor Cloud rendering service.


To install the latest version.

pip install --upgrade cionuke --target=$HOME/Conductor

To install a specific version, for example 0.1.0.

pip install --upgrade --force-reinstall cionuke==0.1.0 --target=$HOME/Conductor

Setup from a command prompt or Powershell on Windows.

python ~/Conductor/cionuke/

NOTE An alternative is to install from the Plugins page in the Conductor Companion app


To set up a render, go to Render menu in Nuke and choose Render with Conductor.

For detailed help, checkout the tutorial and reference documentation.





Version:0.5.1 -- 03 Aug 2023

  • Updated with compatibility ciocore 6.0.0, which introduces support for CoreWeave instance types

Version:0.4.15 -- 27 Mar 2023

  • Replaces jsondecodeerror to support python 2.7. [fd07afc]

Version:0.4.14 -- 27 Mar 2023

  • Updates changelog and sets version to 0.4.14. [a2be33c]
  • Replaces jsondecodeerror to support python 2.7. [fd07afc]

Version:0.4.14 -- 27 Mar 2023

  • Replaces jsondecodeerror to support python 2.7. [fd07afc]

Version:0.4.13 -- 29 Mar 2022

  • Fixes missing pip flags. [d2f78c2]

Version:0.4.12 -- 29 Mar 2022

  • Corrects issue loading plugin on Windows in Nuke13

Version:0.4.7 -- 10 Mar 2022

  • Sets logging propogation to false. [b713c5c]

Version:0.4.6 -- 03 Mar 2022

  • Adds a call to logging setup as it has been removed from ciocore. [b3c78e3]

Version:0.4.5 -- 01 Feb 2022

  • Fixes a bug where the Metadata and Extra Evvironment widgets would try to evaluate JSON as TCL and fail, causing an annoying alert. [6295dfb]

Version:0.4.4 -- 01 Feb 2022

  • Adds a to the repo, simplifying changes in and making it easier to develop directly off the git repo. [e66757f]

Version:0.4.3 -- 25 Jan 2022

  • Path resolution now recognizes %V and %v path tokens which ensures the output path is valid for stereo scenes. [888a536]

Version:0.2.6 -- 21 Oct 2021

  • Write contributing documentation. [6a54695]

Version:0.2.3 -- 13 Oct 2021

  • Rewrite init and menu py files to avoid using exec, which is a security weakness. [84b0c8d]

Version:0.2.1 -- 05 Oct 2021

  • Use the directory name of connected write nodes to generate the output_path. This fixes a bug that could set it to the filename, not the diirectory, when only a single write node was connected and it didn't refer to a sequence. [fd28dfc]

Version:0.2.0 -- 04 Oct 2021

  • Post install script is now pythion 2 and 3 compatible. [52fbb1c]
  • Adds a windows pathmap flag in the task command to remove letter drives. [1070249]
  • On submitting a job, a validation window is shown, which updates to a submission response window. [05efc97]

Version:0.1.7 -- 27 Sep 2021

  • Use getValue() instead of evaluate(), because evaluate() puts the whole script directory in front of any evlauated value. [bfcff6c]

Version:0.1.6 -- 24 Sep 2021

  • Adds path map creation but not yet activated. [69e86c3]
  • Fixed bug in TCL knob evaluation, and added better error handling. [3073e4c]

Version:0.1.5 -- 23 Sep 2021

  • Improves the dependency scraping algorithm. It now looks into LiveGroups, and it doesn't get confused when what should be an upstream node turns out to be a knob. [10f95a5]

Version:0.1.4 -- 23 Sep 2021

  • Adds submission response dialog. Also improves defaults and fixes some UI bugs. [4fa1efd]

Version:0.1.3 -- 22 Sep 2021

  • Dependency scraping works. [c589035]

Version:0.1.2 -- 20 Sep 2021

  • The first version that makes a successful render. [205a8f1]

Version:0.1.0 -- 07 Apr 2021

  • Initial WIP - All knobs added to ui.. [5f4711f]


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