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ZODB storage wrapper for encryption of database records

Project description


ZODB storage wrapper for encryption of database records. Actually it is doing encryption and compression.

Installation manual with buildout

Follow to generate a kek.dat file:

$ git clone
$ cd keas.kmi
$ python2.7
$ ./bin/buildout
$ ./bin/runserver &

$ wget https://localhost:8080/new -O kek.dat --ca-certificate sample.pem \

$ wget https://localhost:8080/key --header 'Content-Type: text/plain' \
     --post-file kek.dat -O datakey.dat --ca-certificate sample.pem

Now copy kek.dat and the keys folder to your plone site:

$ cp -pi kek.dat /home/yourname/Plone/training/var/kek.dat
$ cp -pri keys /home/yourname/Plone/training/var/dek-storage

Then create a encryption.conf like this in your buildout directory:

enabled = true
kek-path = /home/yourname/Plone/training/var/kek.dat
dek-storage-path = /home/yourname/Plone/training/var/dek-storage/

Then edit buildout.cfg and add cipher.encryptingstorage to your eggs:

eggs +=

Now extend your [instance] ( plone.recipe.zope2instance ):

zope-conf-imports =
zope-conf-additional =
    <zodb_db main>
      cache-size 30000
        config encryption.conf
        # FileStorage database
          path ${buildout:buildout_dir}/var/filestorage/Data.fs
          blob-dir ${buildout:buildout_dir}/var/blobstorage
      mount-point /

Then run buildout:

$ ./bin/buildout

Remove the generated <zodb_db main> entry in parts/instance/etc/zope.conf:

<zodb_db main>
    # Main database
    cache-size 30000
    # Blob-enabled FileStorage database
      blob-dir /home/yourname/Plone/training/var/blobstorage
      # FileStorage database
        path /home/yourname/Plone/training/var/filestorage/Data.fs
    mount-point /

Run the tests/develop

$ virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python2.7 --no-site-packages .
$ ./bin/pip install -r requirements.txt
$ ./bin/buildout

$ ./bin/test -v1


1.1 (2016-04-22)

  • Add encryption for blobstorage. [pcdummy]

1.0.0 (2012-04-06)

0.1.0 (2012-02-14)

  • Initial release as a separate package.

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