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A utilities library for osu!. Provides support for parsing replays from a file or from the api, as well as support for unstable rate, hits, similarity, and frametime calculations.

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Circlecore (documentation)

Circlecore is a utilities library for osu!. Features include:

  • Unstable Rate calculation
  • Judgments calculation (classifying all hitobjects into misses, hit300s, hit100s, hit50s, or sliderbreaks)
  • Similarity calculation between two replays, for replay stealing detection
  • Frametime calculation, for timewarp detection
  • Jerky, suspicious movement detection (called Snaps)

Circlecore is used by Circleguard, a replay analysis tool.

Circlecore is developed and maintained by:


Circlecore can be installed from pip:

pip install circleguard

This documentation refers to the project as circlecore to differentiate it from our organization Circleguard and the replay analysis tool Circleguard. However, circlecore is installed from pypi with the name circleguard, and is imported as such in code (import circleguard).




We have a full tutorial and documentation at If you really want to jump right in, below is a quickstart guide:

from circleguard import *

# replace "key" with your api key
cg = Circleguard("key")
# replay on by
replay = ReplayMap(221777, 2757689)

print(cg.ur(replay)) # unstable rate
print(cg.frametime(replay)) # average frametime
print(cg.frametimes(replay)) # full frametime list
print(cg.hits(replay)) # where the replay hits hitobjects
print(cg.snaps(replay)) # any jerky/suspicious movement

replay2 = ReplayMap(221777, 4196808)
print(cg.similarity(replay, replay2)) # how similar the replays are

# ReplayMap isn't the only way to represent replays; we can also
# get a beatmap's top 3 plays
map_ = cg.Map(221777, span="1-3")
# or a User's fifteenth and twentieth best plays
user = cg.User(124493, span="15, 20")
# or a local replay
replay3 = ReplayPath("/path/to/local/osr/replay.osr")
# and more. You can find them all at

# maps and users can be iterated over
for r in map_:


Join our discord and ask how you can help, or look around for open issues which interest you and tackle those. Pull requests are welcome!

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