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Python Wrappers for Cisco CUCM SOAP APIs

Project description

Python Wrappers for Cisco CUCM SOAP APIs

  • Free software: MIT license


The ciscocucmapi package is inspired by the most excellent webexteamssdk Python API wrapper for Cisco Spark. The library wraps a python-zeep client to manage CUCM SOAP connections (specifically for AXL) and CRUD operations for common API endpoints.


  • Simplified Pythonic wrappings of Cisco UC SOAP APIs

  • python-zeep-based client under the hood - much faster than suds. WSDL caching is enabled by default.

  • Complete abstraction of AXL SOAP API - no xml!

  • Native Python tooling includes:
    • Native returned AXL data objects modelled with a dict-like interface and characteristics

    • xml order is honoured due to OrderedDict implementation

    • AXL crud operations supported using both Python objects and native AXL calling requirements

  • Transparent sourcing of AXL credentials from local environment variables

  • Easy, template-able reading and writing to JSON objects, making Cisco UC DevOps implementations a reality


pip install ciscocucmapi

You can also install the in-development version with:

pip install


Quick Start

from ciscocucmapi import UCMAXLConnector
import json

axl = UCMAXLConnector()  # env vars for connection params

# adding phones
ipphone_attributes = {
    "name": "SEPDEADDEADDEAD",
    "product": "Cisco 8821",
    "devicePoolName": "US_NYC_DP",

# api endpoints can be created prior to invoking axl method-calling for pre-processing
new_bot_device =
# very useful API template development!
with open("/path/to/templates/phone.json", "w") as _:
    json.dump(, _, indent=4)

# getting existing phones with null-string dicts or lists of `returnedTags`
dead_device ="SEPDEADDEADDEAD",
                            returnedTags={"name": "", "devicePoolName": "",
                                          "callingSearchSpaceName": ""})
beefy_device ="SEPBEEFBEEFBEEF",
                             returnedTags=["name", "devicePoolName", "callingSearchSpaceName"])

# listing phones by name
nyc_bot_attrs = {
    "name": "BOT%",
    "devicePoolName": "US_NYC%",
    "callingSearchSpaceName": "US_%"
nyc_bot_devices =,
                                 returnedTags=["name", "description", "lines"])
# implicit "return all" available for `searchCriteria` and `returnedTags`
# use sparingly for large data sets!
all_devices =

# property-like getters and setters
botuser15 = next(filter(lambda person: == 'BOTUSER015', nyc_bot_devices))
botuser15.callingSearchSpaceName = "US_NYC_NATIONAL_CSS"

# updating a phone
botuser15.callingSearchSpaceName = "US_NYC_INTERNATIONAL_CSS"
botuser15.newName = "BOTJONELS"
botuser15.locationName = "Hub_None",

# deleting a phone

# Thin AXL sql querying and execution also available
numplan = axl.sql.query("SELECT * FROM numplan")
directory_numbers = [row['dnorpattern'] for row in numplan]
numplan.csv(destination_path="/path/to/datadump/numplan.csv")  # pathlib also supported

Connector Environment Variables

The following env vars are supported for ease of use:






The package includes the AXL wsdl for ease of use. The schema will be updated regularly to match the latest CUCM releases. By default, unless an AXL version is specified, the current WSDL will be used.

Due to the strictness of python-zeep’s WSDL and .xsd parsing, numerous AXL defects have been encountered during development and testing. As a result, the packaged WSDL and .xsd files may include patches to mitigate defects where applicable. Known AXL defects which have resulted in patches are catalogued in AXL_DEFECTS.rst.

If you require a more up-to-date WSDL, or are uncomfortable with using a patched schema, all UCSOAPConnector accept a direct path to a local WSDL file as input.

API Endpoint Support

Not all API Endpoints are supported, as API and data models are required to mitigate inconsistencies in the AXL API. If you’d like to extend API support, please create a pull request, or raise a GitHub issue and I’ll add an enhancement.

I am not currently back-testing all version support, and do not intend to test against pre-9 UCM versions. The package has been developed primarily against UCM 11.5. If any API definitions interfere with the backwards compatibility of AXL for prior versions, please raise a GitHub issue and I will address this.

Supported Languages and AXL Versions

  • Currently only Python 3.6+ is supported. There are no plans to support Python 2.7.

  • All AXL versions should be supported, however only 11.5 has been currently tested. All AXL data models include static metadata on mandatory params for add calls. It is not expected that these should change across AXL schema versions. Please raise a defect if you encounter any issues.

  • Other API methods should contain reliable schema-driven metadata and attributes.


To run the all tests run:


Note, to combine the coverage data from all the tox environments run:


set PYTEST_ADDOPTS=--cov-append


PYTEST_ADDOPTS=--cov-append tox


I’m open to discussing ad-hoc commercial support or custom DevOps implementations. Please contact me at for more information. Note that asking questions or reporting bugs via this e-mail address may not receive responses. Please rather create GitHub issues for this.


0.0.0 (2019-12-30)

  • First alpha release.

Download files

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