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Word and sentence tokenization.

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Word and sentence tokenization in Python.

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Use this package to split up strings according to sentence and word boundaries.
For instance, to simply break up strings into tokens:

tokenize("Joey was a great sailor.")
#=> ["Joey ", "was ", "a ", "great ", "sailor ", "."]

To also detect sentence boundaries:

sent_tokenize("Cat sat mat. Cat's named Cool.", keep_whitespace=True)
#=> [["Cat ", "sat ", "mat", ". "], ["Cat ", "'s ", "named ", "Cool", "."]]

`sent_tokenize` can keep the whitespace as-is with the flags `keep_whitespace=True` and `normalize_ascii=False`.


pip3 install ciseau


Run `nose2`.

If you find this project useful for your work or research, here's how you can cite it:

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