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Python access to the CityIQ api.

Project description

This module and command line tool provides access to the CityIQ API, with particular focus on getting metadata and parking events. The interface includes a basic access object for getting metadata and events, a scraper object for mass downloading events, and a command line tool for downloading and processing events.


Install the module with pip:

pip install cityiq

Then generate a configuration file with:

ciq_config  -w

Edit the file with your credentials and other information for your system. The default file is configured for the San Diego system, but you may have to update the client id and password.

You can list the nodes, assets and locations in the system with the ciq_nodes program:

ciq_nodes --locations # display locations a JSON lines
ciq_nodes --cameras # display camera assets as JSON lines
# etc

You can also dump all assets or all locations to CSV files.

ciq_nodes -A assets.csv
ciq_nodes -L locations.csv

Getting events is a two step process, and can be done with either the CLI programs or the Python API. To get events with the CLI, fors download them to the cache. The cache location is defined in the configuration file, and should have at least 100GB of free space.

First, download and cache the events. The download will run for all of the assets that have the given event, over the whole time range. On the San Diego system, time ranges longer than a few months can take days to download.

ciq_events -e BICYCLE -s 2020-01-01 -f 2020-02-01

The downloaded data is stored in the cache as CSV files, which you can load directly in which pandas or dask, or convert to one CSV file per asset:

ciq_events -e BICYCLE -s 2020-01-01 -f 2020-02-01



The project scaffold gets the version number for the module from git. To get the version number:

$ python --version

Set the version with a tag. The version numbers are specified with PEP440

$ git tag 0.0.1

Remember to push tags to the remote with git push --tags


Publish the project to to PyPI with twine:

pip install twine
twine upload dist/*


This project has been set up using PyScaffold 3.1. For details and usage information on PyScaffold see

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