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Simple migration tool for your python project

Project description



By: CenturyBoys

This package provides a migration tool. It includes a command-line interface (CLI) for easy execution and a single asynchronous function that can be imported and used in your code.


The main package does not have any database implementation and uses only the interfaces and abstractions from the clandestino_interfaces package. In other words, you are free to create your own implementations. We will explain the details later.

Database Type Install using extra description Environment parameter

How to install extra packages?

poetry add clandestino -E postgres
pip install 'romeways[postgres]'


Clandestino has some configurations that you can set as environment variables or in a .env file.

  • CLANDESTINO_MIGRATION_REPO If you are using any of the extra packages, you must set them with their respective values: POSTGRES, ELASTICSEARCH, MONGO


[-h] Help command

$cdt -h         
 Clandestino is a database migration tool
 Migration repository mode is: ELASTICSEARCH
  cldest [-h|-m|-lm|-rm|-cm] [params]

    -h: Display help
    -m: Migrate database
    -lm: List migrations
    -rm: Rollback last migration
    -cm: Create database migration - params [name type]

[-m] Migrate database

Migrate databases using the files within the ./migrations folder. Each migration checks if it's already run. If not, the migration is applied, the information is saved, and the async def up(self) -> None method is called. No migration will be executed twice.

The system will display the migration status:

  • OK = ✅
  • ERROR = ⚠️
  • SKIPPED = ⏭️

[-lm] List migrations

List all migration within the ./migrations folder

[-rm] Rollback migration

Rollback the last database migration using the latest file in the ./migrations folder. The async def down(self) -> None method within the file will be called.

The system will display the rollback status:

  • OK = ✅
  • ERROR = ⚠️
  • SKIPPED = ⏭️

[-cm] Create migration

Create a migration within the ./migrations folder, if the folder not exists create it to.

This command receive two parameters:

  • Migration name
  • Migration type, if not filled will use default migration template.

The migration file will be like this migration_{datetime_reference}_{migration_name}.py

Migration file

The migration file inherit the abstract class AbstractMigration and need declare two fundtions:

  • async def up(self) -> None. This method will be called on migration command
  • async def down(self) -> None. This method will be called on rollback command

See bellow an empty template file

from clandestino_interfaces import AbstractMigration

class Migration(AbstractMigration):

    infra = None

    async def up(self) -> None:
        """Do modifications in database"""

    async def down(self) -> None:
        """Undo modifications in database"""

Self Implementation

To create your own Clandestino implementation, simply create a file named inside the ./migrations folder. This file should contain a class named MigrateRepository that inherits from clandestino_interfaces.IMigrateRepository.

Observation: Your migrations need to handler the database connections by your self.

See bellow the interface:

from abc import ABC, abstractmethod

class IMigrateRepository(ABC):
    async def create_control_table(cls) -> None:

    async def control_table_exists(cls) -> bool:

    async def register_migration_execution(cls, migration_name: str) -> None:

    async def migration_already_executed(cls, migration_name: str) -> bool:

    async def remove_migration_execution(cls, migration_name: str) -> None:

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