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Clash of Clans war moniting for telegram channels.

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Clash of Clans war moniting for telegram channels.

NOTE: Clash of Clans API data is always 10 minutes behind the game events. This is not a bug in this program.

clashogram monitors your clan’s warlog and posts the following messages to a Telegram channel:

  1. Preparation started (with clans and players information)

  2. War started

  3. New attacks (with details)

  4. War over


To run the program you need to have python 3.3 or higher. You will also need pip to install python dependencies. Moreover, using a virtualenv makes installation much easier, otherwise you have to install everything system-wide. On Linux you would need to run commands with sudo, on windows with administrator account.


From pypi:

$ pip install clashogram

From Github (for development):

$ git clone
$ cd clashogram
$ pip install flit
$ flit install --symlink

With Docker

In order to run the latest docker version do the following:

$ docker run -it mehdisadeghi/clashogram:latest

This will prompt for the necessary parameters and start the app. Slighty better would be:

$ docker run --env-file=<ENV_FILE> --name clashogram --restart=always -d mehdisadeghi/clashogram:latest

This will run the container in the background and restart it if it fails. ENV_FILE should contain one key=value per line (the app params). In my experience this works good enought, however for some reason sometimes docker does not start the container after reboot. In that case a systemd unit or similar could be used to start the clashogram container above.


In order to use the program do the following:

  1. Open a Clash of Clans developer account at

  2. Find your external IP address using a website like this.

  3. Go to your CoC developer page and create an API token for the IP number you just found.

  4. Create a Telegram bot using BotFather and copy its token.

  5. [For Channels] Create a new Telegram channel and add the bot you just created as to that channel. As of May 2020, bots can only be added as administrators to channels. If you want to post to a group instead of a channel see the instructions below.

  6. [For Groups] Add the bot you just created to your Telegram group (create one if necessary).

Obtaining The Chat ID

In order to send messages to a channel or a chat in Telegram we need the ID of that chat, i.e. chat_id. This is how Telegram API works. For public channels it is possible to use the name of the channel prefixed with @ as chat_id, e.g. @mypublicchannel. However, for private channels and group chats we need to obtain the chat_id.

Take the following steps to obtain the correct chat_id:

  1. Add the bot to the group or channel

  2. Make sure to write something in the channel/chat

  3. Use the bot_token from the step 4 of the previous section and run one of these this command:

    # For a group chat run this
    $ curl --silent --request POST<YOUR_BOT_TOKEN>/getUpdates | jq '.result | map(select( == "group")) | .[0]'
    # For a channel run this
    $ curl --silent --request POST<YOUR_BOT_TOKEN>/getUpdates | jq '.result | map(select( == "channel")) | .[0]'

You can omit the jq part and just search for a type=group or type=channel in the output and take note of its id. This is what we will use in the rest of this document as chat_id for channels and groups. Remember that you can also use @yourpublicchannel form as chat_id for public channels.

Now to make sure if the chat_id realy points to a chat, run the following command and see whether your bot can post to your channel or group chat:

$ curl --request POST --url<YOUR_BOT_TOKEN>/sendMessage\?chat_id\=<CHAT_ID_FROM_THE_PREVIOUS_STEP>\&text\=hi

If it does not work, make sure you have done the previous steps correctly or open an issue on GitHub.

Starting The Program

Now we can proceed with starting the program. Run the following command to install and start the program:

$ pip install clashogram
$ --coc-token <COC_API_TOKEN> --clan-tag <CLAN_TAG> --bot-token <TELEGRAM_BOT_TOKEN> --chat-id <CHAT_ID> --forever

NOTE: Remember that channel names begin with ``@`` and chat_ids are numbers (often negative).

If you don’t want attack updates in your channel add --mute-attacks to the above command.

In order to have messages in a different locale do the following and then run the program:

# This is for Persian
$ export LANGUAGE=fa

Or do it in one step:

$ LANGUAGE=fa --coc-token <COC_API_TOKEN> --clan-tag <CLAN_TAG> --bot-token <TELEGRAM_BOT_TOKEN> --chat-id <CHAT_ID>

Setting Language on Windows

Make sure to run set LANGUAGE=<your_lang_code_here> on windows before running the program.

Run as a service

The simplest way to use Clashogram is leave it running in background using either byobu or GNU Screen. Another solution is to install a systemd unit:

Description=Clashogram Daemon

ExecStart=/path/to/python /path/to/


Search internet for more information on installing systemd units on your OS.

Contribution (PRs welcome!)

The Telegram notification is isolated from the rest of the program. You can replace it with anything else to have your messages sent to somewhere else.

Fork and clone the repository and send a PR. Make sure tests pass beforehand:

python -m unittest discover

Or with py.test:

pip install pytest


In order toadd or update a new language catalog do the following:

pip install babel # Install the babel i18n tool first.
pybable init -i clashogram/locales/messages.pot -d clashogram/locales -l <LANGUAGE_CODE>
pybable update -i clashogram/locales/messages.pot -d clashogram/locales -l <LANGUAGE_CODE>

For example:

pybable init -i clashogram/locales/messages.pot -d clashogram/locales -l fa
pybable update -i clashogram/locales/messages.pot -d clashogram/locales -l fa

In case of adding new messages extract them and compile again:

pybabel extract clashogram/ -o clashogram/locales/messages.pot --project Clashogram --version 0.6.0
pybabel update -i clashogram/locales/messages.pot -d clashogram/locales
pybabel compile -d clashogram/locales

For more information on internationalization see Babel.


Thanks Ali Ayatollahi and other members from IRAN clan (tag #YVL0C8UY) for the initial idea and testing.



Russian Translations

You can read this document in Russian thanks to Timur from Illuminati clan. Thanks Timur! this document in Russian

راهنمای فارسی

برای مطالعه راهنمای فارسی به این آدرس سر بزنید.

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