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clasp is tools for command line and subprocess script development

Project description


Clasp (command line and subprocess) extends click ( and provides a library of functions that aid in the development of command line tools that require frequent calls to system exectubles. A particular structure program [options] command arguments [options] has been implemented for click that sets up an easy way to read and write config files and group commands under common programs to allow for organized development of suites of command line tools.


pip install clasp


a command line program has the following structure:

"""template file."""

import as click
import clasp.click_ext as clk
def main(ctx, config, outconfig, configalias, inputalias):
    """template file for script development."""
    clk.get_config(ctx, config, outconfig, configalias, inputalias)

@click.option('--opts','-opts', is_flag=True,
              help="check parsed options")
@click.option('--debug', is_flag=True,
              help="show traceback on exceptions")
def XXX(ctx, arg1, **kwargs):
    docstring with full help text for command
    if kwargs['opts']:
        kwargs['opts'] = False
            #code body
        except click.Abort:
        except Exception as ex:
            clk.print_except(ex, kwargs['debug'])
    return 'XXX', kwargs, ctx

def printconfig(ctx, opts, **kwargs):
    """callback to save config file"""
    except Exception:
    if kwargs['outconfig']:
        clk.print_config(ctx, opts, kwargs['outconfig'], kwargs['config'],

to make an entry point in setup:


and then to execute:

program XXX arg1 [options]

to enable autocomple for options:

_PROGRAM_COMPLETE=source program >
# put this in .bash_profile (with path)


see script_tools documentation for helpful functions matching parsed args to functions, calling subprocesses, and parallel processing using ipyparallel locally and via ssh.


in addition to the powerful option parsing provided by click a number of callbacks are part of clasp which help with commonly used argument parsing

File input

file inputs can be given with wildcard expansion (in quotes so that the callback handles) using glob plus the following:

  • [abc] (one of a, b, or c)
  • [!abc] (none of a, b or c)
  • ‘-’ (hyphen) collect the stdin into a temporary file (clasp_tmp*)
  • ~ expands user

The file input callbacks are:

  • parse_file_list: returns list of files (raise error if file not found)
  • is_file: check if a single path exists (prompts for user input if file not found)
  • are_files: recursively calls parse_file_list and prompts on error
  • is_file_iter: use when multiple=True
  • are_files_iter: use when mulitple=True
  • are_files_or_str: tries to parse as files, then tries split_float, then split_int, then returns string
  • are_files_or_str_iter: use when mulitple=True

String parsing

  • split_str: split with shlex.split
  • split_str_iter: use when multiple=True
  • color_inp: return alphastring, split on whitespace, convert floats and parse tuples on ,

Number parsing

  • tup_int: parses integer tuples from comma/space seperated string
  • tup_float: parses float tuples from comma/space seperated string
  • split_float: splits list of floats and extends ranges based on : notation
  • split_int: splits list of ints and extends ranges based on : notation


Click and sphinx_click make help and documentation super easy, but there are a few conflicts in formatting docstrings both for –help and for sphinx. clasp.sphinx_click_ext attempts to resolve these conflicts and does some sorting of options and help display based on the script template shown above. To use with sphinx add ‘clasp.sphinx_click_ext’ to extensions in your


Copyright (c) 2018 Stephen Wasilewski
This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
file, You can obtain one at

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