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A tool to backup/restore simple files, e.g. dot files.

Project description

Clibato: CLI Backup Tool

Clibato is a simple backup/restore tool. I created it to backup and restore my .dot files, and to have fun with Python 🐍.

The name Clibato stands for (CLI) (ba)ckup (to)ol.

Quick start

pip install clibato # Installation
clibato init --config=~/.clibato.yml
vim ~/.clibato.yml # Configuration (required)
clibato backup # Perform backup
clibato restore # Restore last backup


Clibato can easily be installed using pip.

pip install clibato

Once installed, you can run it as clibato or python -m clibato.


To use the tool, start by creating a configuration file. The ~/.clibato.yml will automatically be detected so, it is the recommended location. However, you can place your configuration anywhere.

clibato init --config=~/.clibato.yml

The generated file contains comments to help you with the configuration.


If --config is not specified, the following locations will be searched:

  • The directory from which the command was issued, i.e. ./.clibato.yml.
  • The user's home directory, i.e. ~/.clibato.yml.

If your configuration is not in one of those locations, you can use the --config flag with other clibato commands.


  • Place your config in ~/.clibato.yml.
    • This way, you don't have to specify --config all the time.
  • Include your .clibato.yml in your backup.


After you've installed and configured the tool, here's how you use it.


To perform a backup, run the following command:

clibato backup


To restore the last backup, run the following command:

clibato restore


For detailed documentation, and more examples, see .clibato.example.yml.

Backup to a directory

  type: 'directory'
  path: '~/backup/clibato'

Backup to a Git repository

  type: 'repository'
  path: '~/backup/clibato'
  remote: ''
  branch: 'main'

Project details

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clibato-1.0.1.tar.gz (7.0 kB view hashes)

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