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application framework for ETL(ELT) processing

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What is cliboa

cliboa is an application framework which can implement ETL(ELT) pipeline. It eases the implementation of ETL(ELT) pipeline. In this case, ETL(ELT) pipeline means the processings like fetch, transform and transfer of data between various databases, storages, and other services.


  • Python based framework.
  • ETL(ELT) processing is executable by YAML based configuration.
  • Additional modules for ETL(ELT) pipeline can be implemented by only a few steps if default modules not enough.



How to Contribute


Quick Start


Available on macOS and any Linux distributions, like Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, REL, or etc.

Install cliboa

python version 3.7 or later and poetry are required. In the environemnt which pip can be used, execute as below.

sudo pip3 install poetry
sudo pip3 install cliboa

Configuration of a Simple ETL Processing

After installed cliboa, 'cliboadmin' can be used as an administrator command.

Create an executable environment of cliboa by using cliboadmin.

$ cd /usr/local
$ sudo cliboadmin init sample
$ cd sample
$ sudo cliboadmin create simple-etl

Directory Tree

Directory tree which was created aforementioned commands is as below.

├── pyproject.toml
├── bin
│   └──
├── cliboa
│   └── conf
├── common
│   ├──
│   ├──
│   └── scenario
├── conf
│   ├── cliboa.ini
│   └── logging.conf
├── logs
├── project
│   └── simple-etl
│       ├── scenario
│       └── scenario.yml

Install PyPI packages

$ cd sample
$ poetry install

Write a Scenario of ETL Processing

As a simple etl processing, write scenario.yml in simple-etl as below.

The following example is just download a gzip file from the local sftp server, decompress it, and upload it to the local sftp server.

See Examples

Set an Environment

To make the above scenario available, set a local machine as a sftp server according to respective environments. Also, put "test.csv.gz" under /usr/local.

Execute a Scenario of ETL Processing

After wrote scenario.yml and set the environment, execute a scenario by as below command.

cd sample
poetry run python3 bin/ simple-etl

YAML Configuration


Default ETL Modules


How to Implement Additional ETL Modules


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