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the python CLI that gets things done.

Project description

clilabs: the python CLI that gets things done.

Sometimes I want to execute a python callback with some args on the command line, but i get frustrated that it always requires to wrap my command in a wrapper of some sort. Clilabs unfrustrates me.


$ pip install clilabs


$ clilabs
clilabs automates python callables parametered calls.

Things starting with - will arrive in clilabs.context.


    clilabs help your.mod:main
    clilabs debug your.mod -a --b --something='to see' how it=parses
    clilabs your.mod:funcname with your=args
    clilabs help clilabs.django
    clilabs help django
    clilabs clilabs.django:list auth.user
    clilabs django:list auth.user  # also works
    # refer to the root one
    clilabs ~django.db.models:somefunc somearg some=kwarg


$ clilabs debug ~your.mod:yourfunc -a --b --something='to see' how it=parses
Could not import your.mod
Args: ('how',)
Kwargs: {'it': 'parses'}
Context args: ['a', 'b']
Context kwargs: {'something': 'to see'}

Moar in

Making your own command

Add to your

    'console_scripts': [
        'yourcmd = yourpkg.cli:cli',

Add in yourpkg/

'''Your documentation that shows by default:

    yourcmd somefunc ...
import clilabs

def cli(*argv):
    argv = list(argv) if argv else ['help', 'yourpkg.cli']
    cb = clilabs.modfuncimp(*clilabs.funcexpand(argv[0], 'yourpkg.cli'))
    args, kwargs = clilabs.expand(*argv[1:])
    return cb(*args, **kwargs)

def main(...):
    '''Put your help text, that will show when the
    user runs the command without argument.'''

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clilabs-1.2.4.dev1.tar.gz (7.8 kB view hashes)

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