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Convert images to beautiful ANSI escape codes

Project description


Convert images to beautiful ANSI escape codes for display in command line interfaces.

Available as both a CLI application and a Python library.



  • 8/16/256/Truecolor supports
  • Custom system color palettes
  • Toggleable Unicode mode, allowing up to 4x more detail
  • Custom output size

Example usage


$ climage --unicode --truecolor --cols 80 barney.jpg


For more detail and available options, run $ climage --help.


import climage

output = climage.convert('image.png', is_unicode=True)

# Converting downloaded file
from PIL import Image
import requests
response = requests.get('')
# Convert to RGB, as files on the Internet may be greyscale, which are not
# supported.
img ='RGB')
# Convert the image to 80col, in 256 color mode, using unicode for higher def.
converted = climage.convert_pil(img, is_unicode=True)

# Convert the image into 50px * 50px, as the convert_array function does not
# perform resizing.
img ='image.png').convert('RGB').resize((50, 50))
arr = np.array(img)
output = climage.convert_array(arr, is_unicode=True)

View additional examples on the project homepage.

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