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Python3 bindings and utils for CloudCIX API.

Project description

cloudcix is a Python client for the CloudCIX REST API for rapidly building secure, scalable CloudCIX applications.

For more information about CloudCIX, see here.



  1. Create an account on the CloudCIX Platform

  2. Retrieve your API Key

    • Under the My Membership tab in the sidebar, click on Member Details

    • The API Key should be available at the top of the form

  3. Ensure that you have both Python and pip installed

    • As of right now, the cloudcix module is available at different versions for Python2 and Python3

    • We recommend you use Python3 and the latest version of the cloudcix module

    • Python

    • pip

Installing the cloudcix library

The cloudcix library is installed using the pip module.

Depending on your version of Python, you need to install different versions of cloudcix

  • Python3
    • pip3 install -U cloudcix

  • Python2
    • pip install -U 'cloudcix<0.3'

The 0.2 releases are the last to support Python2. If you still use Python2 we recommend you upgrade to Python3 as support will be dropped for these versions in time.

Required settings

In order to run a project, the module requires some settings to exist.

The variables required are as follows:

  • CLOUDCIX_API_URL - The base url of the Python2 API - Usually but could change over time

  • CLOUDCIX_API_V2_URL - The API name is prepended to this url after the https:// for the Python3 API. - Usually but could change over time

  • CLOUDCIX_API_VERSION = 2 - The version of the api

  • CLOUDCIX_API_USERNAME - The email of the account that you signed up with

  • CLOUDCIX_API_PASSWORD - The password associated with your CloudCIX account

  • CLOUDCIX_API_KEY - The API key associated with your CloudCIX Member (see Prerequisites)

These variables can be declared in a settings file, as follows

# In main python script
import os
os.environ.setdefault('CLOUDCIX_SETTINGS_MODULE', 'my_project.my_settings')
# In my_project/
CLOUDCIX_API_USERNAME = 'EMAIL'               # CloudCIX login
CLOUDCIX_API_PASSWORD = 'PASSWORD'            # CloudCIX password
CLOUDCIX_API_VERSION = 2                      # CloudCIX version


See here for examples on how to use this library.

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