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Javascript-DBus bridge

Project description


Cloudeebus - DBus for the Cloud - is a component which enables calling DBus
methods and registering on DBus signals from Javascript.


### Installing Cloudeebus from the project root directory:

Cloudeebus will install itself in Python's dist-packages folder. The wrapper shell goes in the executables path.

sudo python install

See the [Getting Started](
section of the [Cloudeebus wiki](
for a list of dependencies to install.

### Running Cloudeebus:

The Cloudeebus server must be run either with credentials and a whitelist to
restrict access to DBus services, or in opendoor mode.

usage: [-h] [-v] [-d] [-o] [-p PORT] [-c CREDENTIALS]

Javascript DBus bridge.

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-v, --version print version and exit
-d, --debug log debug info on standard output
-o, --opendoor allow anonymous access to all services
-p PORT, --port PORT port number
path to credentials file
path to whitelist file (DBus services to use)
path to servicelist file (DBus services to export)
-n NETMASK, --netmask NETMASK
netmask,IP filter (comma separated.) eg. : -n,,


* [Cloudeebus]( project home page on [](
* [Javascript API]( reference.
* [Architecture]( block diagram.


### dbus-tools

The /doc/dbus-tools folder contains dbus-send and dbus-register test pages.
Cloudeebus runs in opendoor mode, the dbus-tools pages have no manifest. --debug --opendoor --port=9001 &
firefox ./doc/dbus-tools/dbus-register.html ./doc/dbus-tools/dbus-send.html &

### sample

The /doc/sample folder contains a working sample using credentials, whitelist and manifest.
Cloudeebus runs with credentials and a whitelist that are matched by the
sample page manifest. --debug --credentials=./doc/sample/CREDENTIALS --whitelist=./doc/sample/WHITELIST &
firefox ./doc/sample/cloudeebus.html &

The sample page is also online as a [live demo](

### agent

The /doc/agent folder contains a working client sample using credentials, whitelist and manifest and
a working service sample using credentials, servicelist and manifest.
One instance of cloudeebus runs with credentials and a whitelist that are matched by the
client page manifest. --debug --credentials=./doc/agent/CREDENTIALS --whitelist=./doc/agent/SAMPLELIST -p 9002 &
firefox ./doc/agent/client.html &

The other instance of cloudeebus runs with credentials and a servicelist that are matched by the
server page manifest. --debug --credentials=./doc/agent/CREDENTIALS --servicelist=./doc/agent/SAMPLELIST -p 9003 &
firefox ./doc/agent/server.html &


Cloudeebus uses code from the following open-source projects:

* [AutobahnJS]( ([MIT]( License)
* [AutobahnPython]( ([Apache 2.0]( License)

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