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Client for the Clowder monitoring server

Project description

# Clowder Python Client

This is the python repository for the Clowder python client.

### How to install
sudo pip install clowder

### How to test

Basic example for tracking memory usage on server
Create a python file

import clowder
import psutil

clowder.api_key = '29rTtCyrBfZvABBMMbne'

'name': 'Memory Utilization',
'value': psutil.phymem_usage().percent

### How to use

Run the file and make sure it works


Then create a cron job to run every 5 minutes

*/5 * * * * python

### Parameters

Passed as python dictionary

- *name*: (string - REQUIRED) A unique name for the check. All checks with this name will be combined.
- *url*: (string - optional) The url to send data to. Defaults to
- *value*: (float - optional) The value of the check (such as response time, queue length, rows processed, etc.)
- *status*: (integer - optional) Whether our not the check is passing (1, 0, -1). If failing, an alert is send.
- *frequency*: (integer - optional) Duration in minutes until next check. If time passes without check, alert sounds.
- *alert*: (function - optional) A lamdba function that passes or fails based on *value*

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clowder-0.1.6.tar.gz (10.2 kB view hashes)

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