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A general interface for clustering based over-sampling algorithms.

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A general interface for clustering based over-sampling algorithms.


cluster-over-sampling is currently available on the PyPi's repository, and you can install it via pip:

pip install cluster-over-sampling

SOM clusterer requires optional dependencies:

pip install cluster-over-sampling[som]

Similarly for Geometric SMOTE oversampler:

pip install cluster-over-sampling[gsmote]

You can also install both of them:

pip install cluster-over-sampling[all]


All the classes included in cluster-over-sampling follow the imbalanced-learn API using the functionality of the base oversampler. Using scikit-learn convention, the data are represented as follows:

  • Input data X: 2D array-like or sparse matrices.
  • Targets y: 1D array-like.

The clustering-based oversamplers implement a fit method to learn from X and y:, y)

They also implement a fit_resample method to resample X and y:

X_resampled, y_resampled = clustering_based_oversampler.fit_resample(X, y)


If you use cluster-over-sampling in a scientific publication, we would appreciate citations to any of the following papers:

[^1]: G. Douzas, F. Bacao, "Self-Organizing Map Oversampling (SOMO) for imbalanced data set learning", Expert Systems with Applications, vol. 82, pp. 40-52, 2017. [^2]: G. Douzas, F. Bacao, F. Last, "Improving imbalanced learning through a heuristic oversampling method based on k-means and SMOTE", Information Sciences, vol. 465, pp. 1-20, 2018. [^3]: G. Douzas, F. Bacao, F. Last, "G-SOMO: An oversampling approach based on self-organized maps and geometric SMOTE", Expert Systems with Applications, vol. 183,115230, 2021.

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