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A fork of cmake-lint for PaddlePaddle

Project description


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cmakelint parses CMake files and reports style issues.

cmakelint requires Python.


To install cmakelint from PyPI, run:

pip install cmake-lint-paddle


cmakelint --help
usage: cmakelint [-h] [-v] [--filter -X,+Y] [--config CONFIG] [--spaces SPACES] [--linelength LINELENGTH] [--quiet] [files ...]


positional arguments:
  files                 files to lint

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -v, --version         show program's version number and exit
  --filter -X,+Y        Specify a comma separated list of filters to apply
  --config CONFIG       Use the given file for configuration. By default the file $PWD/.cmakelintrc, ~/.config/cmakelintrc,
                        $XDG_CONFIG_DIR/cmakelintrc or ~/.cmakelintrc is used if it exists. Use the value "None" to use no configuration file
                        (./None for a file called literally None) Only the option "filter=" is currently supported in this file.
  --spaces SPACES       Indentation should be a multiple of N spaces
  --linelength LINELENGTH
                        This is the allowed line length for the project. The default value is 80 characters.
  --quiet               makes output quiet unless errors occurs Mainly used by automation tools when parsing huge amount of files. In those
                        cases actual error might get lost in the pile of other stats prints. This argument is also handy for build system
                        integration, so it's possible to add automated lint target to a project and invoke it via build system and have no
                        pollution of terminals or IDE.

Run the --filter= option with no filter to see available options. Currently these are:


An example .cmakelintrc file would be as follows:


With this file in your home directory, running these commands would have the same effect: CMakeLists.txt --filter=-whitespace/indent CMakeLists.txt

Filters can optionally be directly enabled/disabled from within a CMake file, overriding the configuration from file or CLI argument:

# lint_cmake: <+ or -><filter name>
# e.g.:
# lint_cmake: -readability/wonkycase
# add multiple filters as list:
# lint_cmake: <+/-><filter1>, <+/-><filter2>

cmakelint can also be run with pre-commit. Add the following configuration block to your .pre-commit-config.yaml:

- repo:
  rev: v1.5.1
     - id: cmakelint

Output status codes

The program should exit with the following status codes:

  • 0 if everything went fine
  • 1 if an error message was issued
  • 32 on usage error

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