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make python functions usable from command line

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When developing a new package, there are python functions that you want to make also available from the command line. To do so, an additional function is needed; a specially designed command-line-function which is then referenced in the file, inside the entry_points key. This command-line-function is special indeed, since it cannot have arguments (it uses instead sys.stdin or sys.argv as inputs) and cannot have return values (it uses instead print() as output).

With cmdfunctools you can automatically create a command-line-function from any python function.


The source code can be downloaded from GitHub, where the code is always available.

It can also be installed from PyPI running:

$ pip install cmdfunctools


To create a command-line-function use the comand_func decorator:

from cmdfunctools import command_func

@command_func(itype='int', otype='int')
def add(a, b)
    res = a + b
    return res

Now the function can be referenced as is in entry_points inside and, after the package installation, it can be used from the command line interface:

$ add 3 2

The original function can still be used within python code using the __wrapped__() method:

>>> add.__wrapped__(3, 2)


  • Automatic number of arguments check

  • Automatic argument type check

  • Optional argument length check (equal or less-or-equal)

  • Pipelines supported

  • I/O argument types supported:

    • integer

    • hexadecimal

The project is in 3-Alpha development status, new features will be added before 5-Production/Stable.

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