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A library that provides code contracts and assertions.

Project description

code-contracts is a library that provides:

  1. Contracts

    Functions that impose requirements when entering a function or method - also commonly called preconditions.

  2. Assertions

    Functions that impose requirements in the body of a function or method. This is not a complete suite of assertions; instead, they are meant to be complementary to those available in unittest.TestCase.

The goal of this library is not to make Python a statically-typed language. Instead, it aims to help you define what is expected from your code before it executes, so that you can more easily track and prevent bugs.

So here’s how you can use contracts:

from contracts import contract

def build_rocket(name, model, company):
    contract.is_greater_than(model, 0)

    print("You built a {0} {1} rocket from {2}.".format(name, model, company))

if __name__ == "__main__":
    build_rocket("Falcon", 9, "SpaceX")

And here’s how you can use assertions to unit test the above function:

import unittest
from contracts import assertion

class RocketTests(unittest.TestCase):
    def test_build_rocket(self):
        assertion.does_not_raise(ValueError, build_rocket, "Falcon", 9, "SpaceX")

code-contracts officially supports Python 3.3 and onwards.


Simply run the following command in your favorite terminal:

$ pip install code-contracts


The full documentation is available at

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