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Create code snippet with pygments and pillow

Project description

Create code snippet with pygments and pillow.


$ pip install code2image

Basic uses

$ python examples/

This package was developed to automate some boring image creation process. But it has also a script for some command line fun.

$ code2image --help
usage: code2image [-h] [--kind {simple,shadow,background}]
                  [--imagename IMAGENAME] [--code CODE]
                  [--background BACKGROUND] [--font-size FONT_SIZE]
                  [--font-name FONT_NAME] [--line_pad LINE_PAD]
                  [--line-numbers] [--shadow-color SHADOW_COLOR]
                  [--shadow-dt SHADOW_DT] [--offset OFFSET] [--blur BLUR]
                  [--epilog EPILOG]

Create nice code snippets

positional arguments:
  codefile              The code file

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --kind {simple,shadow,background}
                        Change the result
  --imagename IMAGENAME
                        The output image
  --code CODE           Code background color
  --background BACKGROUND
                        Image background color
  --font-size FONT_SIZE
                        font size
  --font-name FONT_NAME
                        font name
  --line_pad LINE_PAD   line pad
  --line-numbers        line numbers
  --shadow-color SHADOW_COLOR
                        Shadow color
  --shadow-dt SHADOW_DT
                        Shadow offset
  --offset OFFSET       Border width
  --blur BLUR           Shadow blur
  --scale SCALE         A scale
  --epilog EPILOG       A epilog

To create nice images for instagram:

$ code2image --kind background --scale 1 /pathe/to/code/file

Python examples

from code2image.cls import Code2Image

c2i = Code2Image()

# load the source code from this file
with open(__file__) as f:
    code =

# create the image with highlighted code
img = c2i.highlight(code)

# save the image'simple.png')

See the “examples” folder for more.


Clone repo

$ git clone

Create virtual environment for linux

$ python3 -m venv venv
$ source venv/bin/activate

or create virtual environment for windows

$ python -m venv venv
$ venv/Scripts/activate

update dev-tools

$ python -m pip install --upgrade wheel pip setuptools twine tox flake8

Install local

$ pip install -e .

Publish the packages

$ python sdist bdist_wheel
$ twine upload dist/*

Run some tests

$ flake8 code2image
$ python test
$ python -m unittest discover -v
$ tox

I do not know why, but tox will fail :(

Project details

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