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A client library for accessing CodeGrade

Project description

CodeGrade API

This library makes it easier to use the CodeGrade API. Its API allows you to automate your usage of CodeGrade. We are currently still busy documenting the entire API, but everything that is possible in the UI of CodeGrade is also possible through the API.


You can install the library through pypi, simply run python3 -m pip install codegrade. If you want to get a dev version with support for the latest features, simply email and we'll provide you with a dev version.


First, create a client:

import codegrade

# Don't store your password in your code!
with codegrade.login(
    tenant='My University',
) as client:

# Or supply information interactively.
with codegrade.login_from_cli() as client:

Now call your endpoint and use your models:

from codegrade.models import PatchCourseData

courses = client.course.get_all()
for course in courses:
        PatchCourseData( + ' (NEW)'),,

# Or, simply use dictionaries.
for course in courses:
        {"name": + ' (NEW)'},,

For the complete documentation go to

Backwards compatibility

CodeGrade is constantly upgrading its API, but we try to minimize backwards incompatible changes. We'll announce every backwards incompatible change in the changelog. A new version of the API client is released with every release of CodeGrade, which is approximately every month. To upgrade simply run pip install --upgrade codegrade.

Supported python versions

We support python 3.6 and above, pypy is currently not tested but should work just fine.


The library is licensed under AGPL-3.0-only or BSD-3-Clause-Clear.

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