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Python useful classes for office work automation

Project description


Python useful classes for office work automation. Currently working on Python 3.


You can install this package using pip: pip install coffeece


Tkinter popup functions to:

  • show_info(title, message) -> shows a popup with the title and message provided.
  • ask_file(admitted_file_extensions='any') -> Ask user for a file. Optional: pass admitted file extensions as a list of strings argument. Returns path as string.
  • ask_directory() -> popup asks for a directory through file explorer. Returns path as string.
  • ask_yes_no(title, message) -> shows a popup with the title and message provided and ask yes-no. If yes returns 'True'.


A class to manage SQLite3 databases. Now it could:

  • create_connection(self) -> Connect with sqlite3 DB (create it if there isn't). Returns conection object.
  • create_cursor(self) -> Create cursor to communicate with DB. Returns cursor.
  • create_table(cursor, table_name, table_columns) -> Create a table with the name (string) columns and column types (dictionary) given by the user.
  • insert_row(cursor, table_name, row_items) -> Inserts row into DB with the cursor (cursor), table name (string), and items (list) given by the user.
  • commit_changes(self) -> Save DB changes.
  • close_connection(self) -> Close connection to DB.
  • export_table_to_excel(self, table_name) -> Exports table to excel using Pandas library.


System navigation and recursion functions:

  • list_all_files(src_directory) -> Make a list of all the files in the given directory. Returns list.
  • list_all_files_recursively(src_directory) -> Make a dictionary of all the files in the given directory recursively. Returns dictionary = root: { dirs: {} , files: {} }
  • list_files_by_type(src_directory, file_extension) -> Make a list of all the files with the given file extension in the given directory. Returns list.
  • extractall_zipfile(filepath, password=None) -> Opens zip file and extracts all its content.


All Excel-related functions:

  • xls_to_xlsx(src_filename,output_filename) -> Converts .xls file to .xlsx file format.


Scripts with utilities:


Delete all virtual environments inside the active directory tree. Usage:

  • From Python shell:
>>> from coffeece.scripts import venv_cleaner
>>> venv_cleaner.main()
  • As a script file:

You can delete venvs with different name than 'venv' using the optional argument -vn or --venvname.

Why Coffeece?

The main reason behind this little classes is that a huge part of the mechanical work at a job office can be automated through this kind of objects. The other reason to use this is to make office scripts cleaner with an — even more — simplified dependency management.

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