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Tools for using CoffeeScript with Python.

Project description


0. Setup

Supported Python versions: __2.7__ and __3.3+__

You need an installed CoffeeScript compiler. By default __coffeetools__ look for a coffee executable in your PATH, or coffee.cmd on Windows. You can find installation instructions and further information at [](). The easiest way is to use the [node package manager](

npm install coffee-script

To install __coffeetools__, just use [pip]( to get the latest [release]( from [PyPI](

pip install coffeetools

For basic usage there are no dependencies on other Python packages.

__Jinja__ and __IPython__ integration are [extra] features. They require the following Python packages:

All extra Python requirements can also be installed with:

pip install coffeetools[all]

1. Using CoffeeScript from Python

[1]: #markdown-header-1-using-coffeescript-from-python

from coffeetools import coffee

Evaluate CoffeeScript code and return the script’s output:

coffee(‘Some CoffeeScript’)

Compile CoffeeScript to JavaScript:

coffee.compile(‘Some CoffeeScript’)

Compile CoffeeScript to JavaScript without a top-level function():

coffee.compile(‘Some CoffeeScript’, bare=True)

If you want to specify a custom name of your CoffeeScript compiler executable or its absolute or relative path, just create a custom interface instance:

from coffeetools import Coffee

coffee = Coffee(‘executable’) #OR coffee = Coffee(‘/absolute/path/to/executable’) #OR coffee = Coffee(‘relative/path/to/executable’)

2. Using CoffeeScript from Jinja2

[2]: #markdown-header-2-using-coffeescript-from-jinja2

More information coming soon…

3. Evaluate CoffeeScript in an IPython Notebook

[3]: #markdown-header-3-evaluate-coffeescript-in-an-ipython-notebook

%load_ext coffeescript

It is also safe to %reload_ext coffeescript

This registers the %%coffeescript cell magic function, which works like Ipython’s %%javascript magic, except that it takes CoffeeScript as input. It compiles the given code to JavaScript and uses IPython.display.display() with IPython.display.Javascript to run the code directly in the browser window:

%%coffeescript alert $(‘#notebook_name’).text()

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