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Cloud Optimized GeoTiff utility tools.

Project description

## Cloud Optimized GeoTiff utility tools

## Requirements
- click
- gdal

## Install
- pypi: `pip install cogeotiff`
- source code: `python install`

## Usage

### Python PAI
1. create cog file
from cogeotiff.cog import create_cog
src_path = '~/path_to_image/test.tif'
dest_path = '~/path_to_save/test.tiff.cog'
create_cog(src_path, dest_path, compress='jpeg')

2. validate cog file
from cogeotiff.validate_cogeotiff import validate_cog
cog_path = '~/path_to_cog.tif.cog'
result = validate_cog(cog_path)

### Command tools
1. create cog file
Usage: cog create [OPTIONS] SRC_PATH DST_PATH

--overview-resampling TEXT resampling method for create pyramid default:
--overview-level INTEGER levels to build
--nodata INTEGER Assign a specified nodata value to output bands.
default: 0
--block-size INTEGER tiled size, default: 512
--compress TEXT compress method: JPEG,RAW,DEFLATE,LZW,WEBP,ZSTD,PACKBITS,default: raw
--help Show this message and exit.

2. validate cog file
Usage: cog create [OPTIONS] COG_PATH

## Q&A
- Q: why not use `GDAL BuildOverviews` or `Rasterio` in script?
- A: Because for large file such as 100GB, it's take long time to generate overview and translate to tiled GeoTiff. There is no progress infomataion use `Rasterio` or `GDAL BuildOverviews` methods.
- Q: why not use [rio-cogeo](
- A: Cause it use `rasterio MemoryFile()`, when the file is too large, it will cause insufficient memory.

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