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Unofficial Python API wrapper for - the fourth website!

Project description

Edit of Eggbug into the python logo

A python library for Cohost!


pip install cohost


pip install cohost

from cohost.models.user import User
from cohost.models.block import AttachmentBlock, MarkdownBlock

cookie = 'yourCookie'
user = User.loginWithCookie(cookie)
# Alternatively: use a username/password combo
# import os
# user = User.login(os.getenv("COHOST_USER"), os.getenv("COHOST_PASS"))

for project in user.editedProjects:
    print(project) # Print all pages you have edit permissions for
project = user.getProject('vallerie') # will retrieve the page I have edit writes for with handle @vallerie

blocks = [
    AttachmentBlock('pybug.png'), # References image file pybug.png
    MarkdownBlock('**Hello from Python!**') # Example of markdown / text block
newPost ='Title of python post!', blocks, tags=['', 'python'])
print('Check out your post at {}'.format(newPost.url))

Getting started

  1. Have an activated account. This entire library will probably explode if you use it with an unactivated account, and it defo isn't some bypass.
  2. Install library with pip install cohost
  3. Log in with a cookie or a username/password
  4. Import data models you require, and go from there!


Some things are different on the API, and on the UI, and for the most part this library will match the API's terminology. Some key concepts:

  • A user is minimal - it will contain authentication, email, and some other key details but not much else
  • All the pages you can edit are referred to as "projects"
  • Each post is made up content "Blocks"

Retrieving your cookie

One way to login is to use an authentication token for Cohost. This can be retrieved by:

  1. Open Developer Tools in your browser
  2. Go to "Storage"
  3. Find the "Cookies" entry
  4. Copy the data for "connect.sid".
  5. Use this in the library

What's working? (allegedly)

  • Logging in as a user (using either a cookie or a username/password)
  • Retrieving projects of a user (and of other people when you got a post to go with it)
  • Retrieving posts of a page
  • Posting to a page
  • Attaching images to a post (with alt-text support!)
  • Editing posts
  • Retrieving notifications with pagination

What's not done but needs to be done?

  • Retrieving single posts - currently have to read entire projects
  • Retrieving a project's drafts
  • Retrieving a projects of others without a post inbetween
  • Sharing posts (with comment)
  • Editing profiles
  • Deleting posts
  • Likely a whole bunch of other things I haven't thought about
  • Better docs

What's not implemented intentionally?

Some features I intend not to add. These features aren't impossible to build, but, they could be detrimental to the Cohost experience for other users, send mass notifications without an account being activated, or pose security issues. This is designed to deter low effort malicious bots, to reduce the workload on Cohost's staff.

These include:

  • Editing a user's password
  • Accepting follow requests
  • Sharing a post without a comment
  • Creating new projects

If you implement these features, please keep them private for your projects. If you think one of these should be implemented, please file a GitHub issue with your case as to why.

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hello is me


  • cohost.js - provided a good point to start looking at how to go about this, and how cohost works in fundamental aspects. also has a working login thing which i need to properly understand at some point
  • - home of eggbug
  • requests - i would be lost in python if it weren't for requests, my beloved
  • the random tumblr anon who sent me an activation link - thanks

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