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Extensions to `colander`, particularly useful as part of REST API validation.

Project description

This package is a set of extensions to colander especially useful when implementing REST APIs.

Strict types

The colander_tools.strict module includes a series of strict types. Those types follow the Postel’s law: they are strict on serialize and loose on deserialize.

Included are:

  • Integer

  • Float

  • Boolean

  • String

  • Mapping

Byte types

The colander_tools.bytes module includes types serializing / deserializing encoded binary data.

Included are:

  • Base16Bytes

  • Base32Bytes

  • Base64Bytes

  • URLSafeBase64Bytes

Open mappings

The colander_tools.mapping module includes two Mapping subclasses that allow and validate arbitrary keys in addition to the values.

Included are:

  • OpenMapping: a mapping that allows you to specify the type of keys and the type of values separately;

  • SortedOpenMapping: an extension of OpenMapping that conserve the order of keys by deserializing to collections.OrderedDict.

Network addresses types

The colander_tools.netaddr module includes a series of types that serializes and deserializes network addresses (IP addresses, MAC addresses, etc.), powered by the netaddr package.

Null types

The colander_tools.null module includes a wrapper type that allows None as a value.

Serializable classes

The colander_tools.serializable module includes tools to bind Python classes to their schema.

Schema inheritance / sub-schemas

The colander_tools.subschema module includes tools to build schemas of things that can have different types / classes.

Timezone type

The colander_tools.timezone module includes a type for serializing and deserializing timezone identifiers like Europe/Amsterdam or Asia/Hong_Kong, powered by the pytz package.

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