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Create beautiful admin dashboards in Masonite Framework

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Collapsar is a package that will let you save time creating a dashboard for your app. You won't need to worry anymore about creating CRUD's.


  • Add multiple resources to your dashboard using Masonite Models
  • Use fields: TextField, IdField, PasswordField, SelectField and more
  • Add basic validations: max, min, required, email, etc.

Official Masonite Documentation

New to Masonite ? Please first read the Official Documentation. Masonite strives to have extremely comprehensive documentation 😃. It would be wise to go through the tutorials there. If you find any discrepencies or anything that doesn't make sense, be sure to comment directly on the documentation to start a discussion!

Have questions or want to talk? Be sure to join the Masonite Discord Community!


pip install masonite-collapsar


Add CollapsarProvider to your project in config/

# config/
# ...
from collapsar import CollapsarProvider

# ...
    # ...
    # Third Party Providers
    # ...

Develop instructions

To test the project locally, you just need to clone the repository and configure a basic .env just like any masonite project.

git clone

Install dependencies

python -m venv venv
source venv/bin/activate
python -m pip install -r requirements.txt

Create a simple .env

cp .env-example .env

Run migrations

python craft migrate

Build assets

npm install
npx vite build 

Run the app

python craft serve

Visit http://localhost:8000/collapsar and you should see the dashboard and the User resource.


This package has the UserResource class as example, you could edit the configuration editing the file /tests/integrations/app/collapsar/resources/

Making changes

If you want to make changes on the front assets, you could do it by modifying the React App on /src/collapsar/assets/js

Then, compile the assets using this script

npx vite build 


Please read the Contributing Documentation here.



Collapsar is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.

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