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Used for integration testing with Plone

Project description


collective.MockMailHost enables integration testing of email functionality from Plone. Simply add this egg to your [test] runner section, and install this product from PloneTestCase.

DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT on your running Plone site. It replaces the standard MailHost with a Mock MailHost that you can poke at to check email content and recipients.

Has been tested with Plone 4 but should also work with earlier versions.

Using a member-posting forum

Test starting conversations, replying and modifying comments in a default member-posting forum.

First, some set-up:

>>> from Products.Five import zcml

Let us log all exceptions, which is useful for debugging. Also, clear portlet slots, to make the test browser less confused by things like the recent portlet and the navtree.

>>> self.portal.error_log._ignored_exceptions = ()
>>> self.portal.left_slots = self.portal.right_slots = []
>>> workflow = self.portal.portal_workflow

Validate mailhost replacement

>>> self.portal.MailHost
<MockMailHost at ...>
>>> from Products.CMFCore.utils import getToolByName
>>> getToolByName(self.portal, 'MailHost')
<MockMailHost at ...>
>>> from zope.component import getUtility
>>> from Products.MailHost.interfaces import IMailHost
>>> getUtility(IMailHost)
<MockMailHost at ...>

Send email

>>> msg = """To:
... Dear Sir:
... Thank you"""
>>> self.portal.MailHost.send(msg)
>>> len(self.portal.MailHost.messages)
>>> self.portal.MailHost.messages[0]
>>> self.portal.MailHost.messages[0]
'...Dear Sir:...'
>>> self.portal.MailHost.messages[0]
'...Thank you...'
>>> self.portal.MailHost.messages[0]
'...Dear Sir:...Thank you...'
>>> self.portal.MailHost.reset()
>>> len(self.portal.MailHost.messages)
>>> self.portal.MailHost.reset()
>>> self.portal.MailHost.send(msg, mto='',
...                                mfrom='')
>>> len(self.portal.MailHost.messages)


0.4 (2011-05-17)

  • Register MockMailHost in SiteManager to get MockMailHost when using getToolByName(context, 'MailHost') or getUtility(IMailHost). [saily]

  • Inherit from MailHost instead of SimpleItem [saily]

  • Implement the secureSend method [saily]

0.3 (2011-04-04)

  • Add **kwargs to MockMailHost’s send method to support mto, mfrom, … keyword arguments as default MailHost does. [saily]

  • Added file for generic setup various handlers [sureshvv]

0.2 (2010-05-21)

  • Added tests [sureshvv]

0.1 (2010-05-16)

  • Initial release [sureshvv]

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