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Tries to tame Plone's advanced search form

Project description


collective.advancedsearchtamer is a small add-on for Plone 3 which attempts to tame
the advanced search form. It uses javascript to add a checkbox to each search
element in the form which enables/disables that element.

The result is that the urls generated by the search form are generally much
shorter, as only the required fields are sent on the request.

.. _Plone 3:


This package requires Plone 3.0 or later.

Installing without buildout

First you need to install this package.
You can install this in either the system
python path or in the lib/python directory of your Zope instance. If you
have setuptools installed you can do this using easy_install::

easy_install collective.advancedsearchtamer

If you do not have setuptools you can install it manually using the
script in the source. If you want to install it inside
your Zope instance instead of system wide you can its ''--prefix='' option
to install in the ''lib/python'' directory of your Zope instance.

After installing the package it needs to be registered in your Zope
instance. This can be done by putting a
collective.advancedsearchtamer-configure.zcml file in the etc/pakage-includes
directory with this content::

<include package="collective.advancedsearchtamer" />

or, alternatively, you can add that line to the configure.zcml in a
package or Product that is already registered.

Installing with buildout

If you are using `buildout`_ to manage your instance installing
collective.advancedsearchtamer is even simpler. You can install it by adding
it to the eggs line for your instance::

eggs = collective.advancedsearchtamer
zcml = collective.advancedsearchtamer

The last line tells buildout to generate a zcml snippet that tells Zope
to configure collective.advancedsearchtamer.

After updating the configuration you need to run the ''bin/buildout'', which
will take care of updating your system.

.. _buildout:

Using collective.advancedsearchtamer

In order to use the the updated search you will first need to install the
collective.advancedsearchtamer product in your site.
This is done through the standard ''Add-on
products'' control panel in the Plone site setup.

After this has been done, you should be able to visit the Advanced Search
form and, provided you have javascript enabled, see the enable/disable
checkboxes appear next to each search option.

To perform a search, simply check the box next to each option you want to
specify, and then enter/select the values you require using the relevant
form elements. Click 'search' as normal to get the results.

Copyright and credits

collective.advancedsearchtamer is copyright 2009 by Netsight Internet Solutions

It was written by Matthew Sital-Singh.

.. _Netsight:


1.0 - 2009-03-27

* Initial release

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