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The Amberjack layer

Project description


This package provides core functionality for collective.amberjack package.

Be aware that series 0.9.x is compatible with Plone3, series 1.x is compatible with Plone4.

How to create new tour

First of all you need to define the tour.

A tour looks like that:

{'tourId': u'example_tour',
 'title': _(u"Example tour"),
 'steps': <steps>}

a <steps> looks like that:

({'url': u'/',
  'xpath': u'',
  'xcontent': u'',
  'title': _(u"Some title"),
  'text': _(u"Some text"),
  'steps': ({'description': _(u"Some description"),
             'idStep': u'',
             'selector': u'',
             'text': u''},

Steps parameters:

  • the description for the user (use [] to <span class=”ajHighlight”>highlight</span> parts),

  • the step id, [see ajStandardSteps section below]

  • an optional selector

  • an optional text used by the step

An example:

>>> add_folder = {
>>>                    'url': u'/',
>>>            'xpath': u'',
>>>            'xcontent': u'',
>>>            'title': _(u"Create a new folder"),
>>>            'text': _(u"Folders are ..."),
>>>            'steps': ({'description': _(u"Click the [Add new...] drop-down menu."),
>>>                       'idStep': u'menu_add-new',
>>>                       'selector': u'',
>>>                       'text': u''},
>>>                      {'description': _(u"Select [Folder] from the menu."),
>>>                       'idStep': u'new_folder',
>>>                       'selector': u'',
>>>                       'text': u''})}
>>> ajTour = {'tourId': u'basic01_add_a_folder',
>>>           'title': _(u'Add a Folder'),
>>>           'steps': (add_folder,
>>>                    )}

Then you have to register it in zcml:



1.0 (2010-05-17)

  • compatibility with plone4 [amleczko]

  • add control and functionality to manage text in kupu and tiny for step ‘form_text’ [mirco]

  • add some ‘ajStandardSteps’ to use the TinyMCE’s buttons [mirco]

  • inserted some changes into the js to make click on the buttons of TinyMCE [mirco]

  • inserted some changes into the js to do actions in the iframe [mirco]

  • changes to fix the operation of the highlights [mirco]

  • commented the previous button of tours [mirco]

  • minor Javascript refactoring [keul]

0.9 (2010-04-30)

  • Change version to 0.9 (plone3 release series) [amleczko]

  • Renamed validation to validators now a list of validators. Renamed isVisible to validate. Now show a warning box for each error message. [vincentfretin]

  • Internationalize the “of” separator but the javascript is cached once it’s generated so the translation is the first language seen on the portal after a restart. [vincentfretin]

  • Internationalize the expected text of a step. [vincentfretin]

  • Don’t disable button input textarea select. The user needs to fill out the “remaining fields” and upload an image for example. [vincentfretin]

  • Rename IManageTourUtility to ITourManager. [vincentfretin]

  • Add url to next tour at the end of a tour. [vincentfretin]

  • Add basic step validations: isAnonymous and isAuthenticated. [amleczko]

  • Refactor tour and step: add proper Interface schema for Tour and Step. Add validation checkings write some coverage tests for that. [fdelia; amleczko]

  • Add doctests for meta registration. [fdelia; amleczko]

  • Add unittests for tour_manager. [fdelia; amleczko]


  • Massimo Azzolini [massimo_azzolini]

  • Vincent Fretin [vincentfretin]

  • Luca Fabbri [keul]

  • Federica D’Elia [fdelia]

  • Mirco Angelini [mirco]

  • Andrew Mleczko [amleczko]

Ferrara 2010 Sprint

  • Jacopo Deyla - Regione Emilia-Romagna

  • Giacomo Spettoli - Regione Emilia-Romagna

PloneConf 2009 Sprint

  • Aaron VanDerlip [aaronv]

  • Michael Davis [millie]

  • Irene Capatti [nekorin]

  • Giorgio Borelli [gborelli]


  • Slovenian translation started by Domen Kozar

  • Italian translation started by Stefano Marchetti [stemrc]

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