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Plone-integration for MailChimp RSS-campaigns.

Project description


This package makes it easy to create newsletter content feeds or campaigns from Plone based on content interest group tagging.

Simply define interest groups in your MailChimp list, configure Plone with your API key and start tagging content.

The package also includes a subscription portlet that presents a selection of interest groups, as well as a moderation portlet and a portlet that lets an editor create, send or schedule a new campaign.


  • Plone 3 and 4 (all versions);

  • Archetypes or Dexterity.

Getting started

  1. First, install the product using Plone’s add-on control panel.

    This register a control panel, and adds a number of required indexes and columns to the catalog.

  2. Visit the “MailChimp RSS” control panel to configure API key.

  3. Tag content with interest groups.


  1. Add one or more subscription portlets.

Feed content

In the out of the box configuration, only the default dublin core metadata will be returned in RSS feeds.

If a view rss-summary is registered for the item, the template will call this view and include it as the RSS summary field (marked as CDATA). The string should be HTML.


The product is currently localized into:

  • Danish

Contributions are welcome!


Malthe Borch <>


1.6.0 (2012-07-31)


  • Interest groups are now conflated with feeds. These are now always defined in MailChimp.

    Previously, a manager needed to set up a list of feeds manually. These were just strings that did not tie into MailChimp’s interest groups directly. This is now changed.


  • Feed URLs in the control panel are now listed in the same order as they are defined.


  • Added new schema extension to give items an explicit feed category.

    Available categories are configured in the control panel.

  • It’s now possible to create and schedule a a new campaign based on the items currently active.

    This is implemented as a new portlet. It is intended that the portlet be added to the editor’s dashboard.

    Note that content is grouped by their interest group marking, and uses MailChimp’s conditional markup to tailor the newsletter to each user. The sorting of the groups is pluggable via a utility.

    The portlet includes a date which sets the lower date boundary on what items are active. The upper boundary defaults to today’s date which is matched with the item schedule date.

    When a campaign is created, tomorrow’s date is set as the new lower date boundary such that no items are immediately active for a subsequent campaign.

1.5.7 (2012-06-19)


  • Fixed compatibility issues with legacy libraries.

1.5.6 (2012-06-18)


  • Provide title explicitly; the RSS template checks for this attribute using explicit acquisition.

1.5.5 (2012-06-08)


  • Added optional portlet description field.

1.5.4 (2012-04-25)

  • Fixed bug that would make the schema extension fail with Archetypes-based content.

1.5.3 (2012-04-19)

  • Do not extend schema (or add via behavior) if product is not installed (settings not available).

1.5.2 (2012-04-19)


  • Use “Publishing date” when feed schedule is unset.


  • The feed now only includes items in the ‘published’ workflow state.


  • Fixed issue on Archetypes where the feed schedule date would default to today’s date (instead of None).

  • Fixed issue where effective_date would return 0 due to explicit acquisition. The attribute is now declared as “acquired” which informs the explicit wrapper to yield the contained attribute.

  • Fixed issue where an RSS-feed would fail for content which does not provide a getText method.

1.5.1 (2012-04-18)


  • Fixed issue where the Archetypes schema extender would replace existing fields (if using the same names), for example "feeds".

    Instead, the extender now ignores such content types (a warning is logged).

1.5 (2012-04-11)


  • Plone 3 compatibility.


  • Fixed issue where subscription using first name only (single name, when split on space) would cause an exception.

1.4 (2012-03-27)


  • Bump schedule date to today’s date on moderation, if date is in the past. This ensures that the item will be shown on the moderation screen.


  • Fixed issue with custom schema mutator which would not function correctly with schema caching; we are able to work around it using Archetypes’ storage API directly.

  • Fixed incorrect package dependency.

1.3 (2012-03-26)


  • Add support for configuring an RSS summary display of included items.

  • Add support for Dexterity-based content.

  • Make content moderation requirement optional.

1.2 (2012-03-09)


  • Add link to content for moderation.


  • The moderation portlet now correctly gets the class 'portletModeration'.

1.1 (2012-03-08)

  • Added simple approval system where items are explicitly made available after some date, and separately approved (guarded by a custom permission).

    To upgrade, you must run the “catalog” setup step and perform the require indexing.

1.0 (2012-01-18)

  • Initial public release.

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