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Add classifieds to your Plone intranet or website.

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With this product you can add classifieds to your intranet or website. The product exists of categories (which are folderish) and classifieds and comes with different kinds of views.

Some features include:

  • Visitors can browse (all / newest) classifieds

  • Add new classifieds to a category

  • Search classifieds (title, description)

  • View categories containing classifieds

  • View the newest classifieds and view all classifieds created per author

  • Manually order classifieds

  • Add pictures to categories

  • Directlinks to Classifieds (for linking)


1.7 (2014-05-26)

  • Package classifiers were fixed; package is being tested and should be compatible with Plone 4.0-4.3. [hvelarde]

  • The i18n machinery was fixed and the Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish translations were updated. [hvelarde]

  • Package dependencies were fixed. [hvelarde]

1.6 - Release 1.6

  • Tested with Plone 4.1.3

  • Fixed i18n po files

  • Added new and update translations, languages now in cs, en, es, fr, nl, pt-br, sv.

1.5.5 - Release 1.5.5

  • Made add-on Plone 4.1 compatible

  • Added Added Czech translations [naro]

1.5.4 - Release 1.5.4

  • Fixed wrong price in classifieds by author view

  • Minor template and CSS changes

  • Code cleanup and PEP8/Pyflakes fixes

1.5.3 - Release 1.5.3

  • Fixed deletion bug, owner could not delete their own classifieds

1.5.2 - Release 1.5.2

  • Added spanish translations by David Torío Padrón

1.5.1 - Release 1.5.1

  • Fixed broken template

1.5 - Release 1.5

  • classified categories have body text, template changes

  • classifieds container has body text, template changes

  • cleaned up templates and code

1.5rc5 - Release candidate five

  • fixed bug with float validator, issue #9

1.5rc4 - Release candidate four

  • added french translation done by [nicolas_wicikowski]

1.5rc3 - Release candidate three

  • fixed category tile image bug

1.5rc2 - Release candidate two

  • allow normal categories to have images too

  • url validation added to url field

  • code cleanup

1.5rc1 - Release candidate one

  • fixed permission bug

  • release candidate one

1.5b4 - Bugfix and cleanup release

  • fixed broken egg

1.5b3 - Bugfix and cleanup release

  • collective.classifieds issue #7 fixed

  • code cleanup, removed obsolete imports and general cleanup

  • changed the way catalog indexes get created

  • added external url to classified

  • changed the way the deletion link works

1.5b2 - Plone 4 compatibilty and tests

  • proper integration test added

  • changed testbase

  • update version information

  • tested on plone 3.3 and plone 4

1.5b - Crossover release (beta)

  • changed the validator to work in plone 3 and 4 [maartenkling]

  • upgr to work in plone 4 [maartenkling]

  • added global defines when needed to templates [maartenkling]

  • changes folderish type definition of classifiedsCategory ( plone 4 ) [maartenkling]

  • changed the implements for validator ( plone 4 ) [maartenkling]

  • Fixed some issues regarding indexing of image urls, template calls

  • Added view tab to Classified

1.5a - Crossover release (alpha)

  • Crossover release which introduces two new contenttypes: OrderedClassifiedCategory and OrderedClassifieds (container)

  • Custom order in Classifieds (container) and the Categories (read the INSTALL.txt)

  • Multiple pictures for a classified

  • ‘E-mail the author’ option

  • Directlink to classified

  • Picture and description added to Categories

  • New templates / layout

1.0.1 - Release 1.0.1

  • Added Brazilian Portugese translations [erico_andrei]

1.0 - Release 1.0

  • Release 1.0 of the Classifieds plone addon product

1.0rc1 - Release candidate 2

  • Changed workflow so anonymous users can view classifieds

1.0rc1 - Release candidate 1

  • Cleaned up some code

  • Added more documentationstrings

  • Freeze of code

  • Tested with Plone 3.3rc2

0.6.2 - Beta

  • Cleaned up all pagetemplates

  • Fixed bug when using multiple instances of Classifieds object (path bug)

  • Fixed price formatting bug in ‘by author view’

  • Cleaned up python classes and added more documentation

0.6.1 - Beta

  • Added custom workflow for a Classified, which allows users with the role member to add classifieds

0.6 - Beta

  • Price field is not mandatory anymore

  • Code cleanup

  • Template fixes/formatting

  • New validator added

  • Translation files updates

0.5 - Beta

  • Fixed translation files

0.4 - Alpha

  • Fixed tiled images bug in templates

  • Added formatting for the price values

0.3 - Alpha

  • Fixed bug/issue skins.xml > skins directory

0.2 - Alpha

  • Tested with plone 3.2

  • Code cleanup and zcml cleanup

  • Remove obsolete templates

  • Added validation

  • Fixed metadata information

0.1 - Alpha

  • Initial release

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