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Organizations and functions combinations to create plone groups

Project description


A Plone add-on that manage organizations and functions, leading to corresponding plone groups creation. This product makes the link between:


First, create a directory in your site (object from This directory will contain all the informations related to your contacts.

You can then add your organization in it (with a specific id equal to ‘plonegroup-organization’). An organization can contain organizations (such as services, divisions or department).

In the configuration panel, you have to :

  • select some services of your organization to be used in localroles field
  • define some function labels that will be used in each selected organization

When submitting, for each organization - function combination, a plone group is created with the id “organization-uid”_”function-id” and name “organizations-name” (“function-name”).

The generated plone groups will be used in localroles field, where some local roles can be given to some function for each selected service.


  • Add to your eggs.
  • Re-run buildout.
  • Install the product in your plone site.


Have an idea? Found a bug? Let us know by opening a ticket.


  • Gauthier Bastien, IMIO
  • Stéphan Geulette, IMIO
  • Vincent Fretin, Ecreall
  • Cédric Messiant, Ecreall
  • Frédéric Peters, Entr’ouvert


1.33 (2021-01-06)

  • Do not grok the package anymore. [gbastien]
  • Override vocabulary PositionTypes from, when context out of a directory, get position_types from DEFAULT_DIRECTORY_ID. [gbastien]

1.32 (2020-10-26)

  • Fixed DisplayGroupUsersView.group_title when DisplayGroupUsersView.short=True to only apply if we have a format like My config (My suffix) or it removed last letter. [gbastien]
  • Added parameter PloneGroupUsersGroupsColumn.short=True so @@display-group-users is rendered short by default. [gbastien]

1.31 (2020-10-11)

  • Combined v6 and v7 upgrade because it fails coming from v5 [sgeulette]
  • Corrected table class name. [sgeulette]

1.30 (2020-10-02)

  • Added manage-own-groups-users view and functions/groups selection configuration. A user can manage the user assignments of his groups. [sgeulette]
  • Avoid getting groups (only users) in get_selected_org_suffix_users function. [sgeulette]
  • Avoid GroupNotFoundError in get_selected_org_suffix_users if suffix is limited to some organizations. [sgeulette]
  • Added BaseOrganizationServicesVocabulary._term_value and BaseOrganizationServicesVocabulary._term_token to ease override of rendered term value and token. [gbastien]
  • Make SelectedOrganizationsElephantVocabulary inherits from OwnOrganizationServicesVocabulary so methods _term_value and _term_token are available. [gbastien]
  • In @@display-group-users instead displaying contained groups without contained members, display members of contained groups for normal users, display contained groups and contained members to Managers. [gbastien]
  • Fixed ConnectionStateError while setting registry[FUNCTIONS_REGISTRY] in tests and profile is applied several times. [gbastien]

1.29.1 (2020-08-26)

  • Fix CSS for @@display-group-users view when current user not a Manager and so does not have link on prefixed icon (user/group). [gbastien]

1.29 (2020-08-18)

  • Added PloneGroupUsersGroupsColumn, a column that displays suffixed groups and users, to be called on dashboard displaying organizations. The groups and users are rendered by the @@display-group-users view that may also be used outside. By default, as groups and users may be very long to display, it is hidden in a collapsible <div> and displayed asynchronously. [gbastien]
  • Added possibility to disable a function (enabled=True by default), this is useful to avoid deleting a function and re-adding it after, sometimes faultly. Adapted utils.get_all_suffixes(only_enabled=True) to only get enabled functions. Added upgrade step to version 6 to manage new value enabled=True in functions stored in the regsitry. [gbastien]
  • Remove item UID from link in OrgaPrettyLinkWithAdditionalInfosColumn as it is now displayed as additional information by default. [gbastien]

1.28 (2020-05-26)

  • In utils.get_organizations, do not use a list comprehension to turn result of get_registry_organizations into a list as it is already the case (was not the case a long time ago), get_registry_organizations returns a new list and values stored in the registry will not be changed anymore by default. [gbastien]

1.27 (2020-05-08)

  • Make the OrgaPrettyLinkWithAdditionalInfosColumn also work for person and held_position. [gbastien]

1.26 (2020-03-12)

  • As vocabulary ram.cache cachekey are generated based on module/class names, renamed vocabularies to and to Added tests showing that cache is correctly invalidated when selected organizations changed. [gbastien]

1.25 (2020-02-06)

  • Use for settings.IFunctionSchema.fct_orgs (field for restricting a suffix to some organizations). [gbastien]
  • In validateSettings invariant check if Plone group is empty using getGroupMembers that ignores <not found> users instead getMemberIds. [gbastien]

1.24 (2019-11-25)

  • Added group_as_str param in organizations_with_suffixes function. [sgeulette]

1.23 (2019-11-04)

  • Added parameter caching=True to utils.get_organization, this will store the organization object in the REQUEST and avoid too much catalog queries. [gbastien]

1.22 (2019-09-26)

  • When passing kept_org_uids to utils.get_organizations, make sure order is preserved. [gbastien]

1.21 (2019-09-13)

  • Added BaseOrganizationServicesVocabulary._term_title to ease override of rendered term title. [gbastien]

1.20 (2019-09-12)

  • Added vocabulary, to do this needed to write BaseOrganizationServicesVocabulary from which OwnOrganizationServicesVocabulary and EveryOrganizationsVocabulary inherits. [gbastien]
  • Removed sorting on term title for, terms are displayed following selection order in plonegroup organizations like before. Added new vocabulary sorted on term title and available as [gbastien]

1.19 (2019-08-23)

  • Optimized OwnOrganizationServicesVocabulary.listSubOrganizations, do the catalog query only if current organization contains something. [gbastien]

1.18 (2019-08-02)

  • In OrgaPrettyLinkWithAdditionalInfosColumn, set showContentIcon to True and enable link-tooltip. [gbastien]
  • In SelectedInPlonegroupColumn, display Not in bold. [gbastien]
  • Added vocabulary listing every functions defined in plonegroup control panel. [gbastien]

1.17 (2019-07-15)

  • Corrected bad full title shortening. [sgeulette]

1.16 (2019-06-30)

  • Fixed error in OrgaPrettyLinkWithAdditionalInfosColumn when displaying organizations out of PLONEGROUP_ORG. [gbastien]
  • Fixed utils.get_organizations when caching=True to store a new list of organizations in the cache instead returned value or value in cache may be modified if we modify returned value in a sub method… [gbastien]
  • Use get_registry_organizations/set_registry_organizations and get_registry_functions/set_registry_functions as much as possible. [gbastien]

1.15 (2019-06-07)

  • Fixed problem, linked Plone groups title were not updated when suffix title changed and some fct_orgs were defined. [gbastien]
  • In settings.detectContactPlonegroupChange, set changes = True only when relevant, due to wrong indentation, it was done systematically. [gbastien]

1.14 (2019-05-16)

  • Make OrgaPrettyLinkWithAdditionalInfosColumn work if displaying the plonegroup-organization, include link to plonegroup configuration panel in SelectedInPlonegroupColumn header. [gbastien]
  • Changed first parameter name for utils.get_plone_group and utils.get_plone_group_id from org_uid to prefix as it can be used in other cases. [gbastien]
  • Added helper method utils.select_org_for_function to be able to add/remove an organization uid from fct_orgs defined on a function. [gbastien]
  • Removed dependency on unittest2. [gbastien]
  • When calling config.get_registry_organizations and config.get_registry_functions, by default return a copy of stored data to avoid changing it. [gbastien]
  • Added parameter default=True to utils.get_own_organization, in this case, default ids for root directory and own organization are used instead using a catalog query, it should be faster. [gbastien]

1.13 (2019-01-11)

  • Use unrestrictedSearchResults to check link integrity. [sgeulette]
  • Added helpers config.get_registry_organizations, config.get_registry_functions, config.set_registry_organizations and config.set_registry_functions to easily get and set organizations/functions registry records. [gbastien]

1.12 (2018-12-11)

  • Added parameter kept_org_uids to utils.get_organizations to only keep organizations having defined UID. [gbastien]
  • Sort vocabulary by value title. [gbastien]
  • Display the organization UID next to title in the suborganizations view. [gbastien]

1.11 (2018-11-20)

  • In utils.get_organizations, call uuidsToObjects with ordered=True to get organizations in correct order because the catalog query is not sorted. [gbastien]
  • Fixed migration that adds ‘fct_orgs’ to functions. [gbastien]

1.10 (2018-10-12)

  • Removed grok for OwnOrganizationServicesVocabulary. [gbastien]
  • Added utils.get_organization to get an organization corresponding to a given plone_group_id. [gbastien]
  • Added utils.get_organizations to get every plonegroup organizations. It is possible to get every selectable or selected organizations, as objects or not and for which a particular linked Plone group (suffix) is not empty. [gbastien]
  • Added utils.get_all_suffixes that returns every defined functions ids. [gbastien]
  • Added possibility to restrict suffixes to only some selected organizations. Plone groups will only be created for selected organizations. When selecting or unselecting organizations, linked Plone groups are created/deleted accordingly. [gbastien]
  • Moved setting.getOwnOrganizationPath to utils.get_own_organization/utils.get_own_organization_path. [gbastien]
  • Added method utils.get_plone_groups that returns every Plone groups of a given organization. [gbastien]
  • Added utils.get_plone_group that returns a Plone group for given organization UID and suffix. [gbastien]
  • Disabled auto_append on IContactPlonegroupConfig.functions DataGridField. [gbastien]
  • Notify event PlonegroupGroupCreatedEvent when a Plone group linked to an organization is created. [gbastien]
  • z3c.table batching does not work when displaying suborganizations, so set batchSize and startBatchingAt to 999 instead 200 so we are pretty sure it is never displayed. [gbastien]
  • While displaying “@@suborganizations”, display a specific message “No suborganization” when no suborganizations instead displaying nothing. [gbastien]
  • Added default logger importable from [gbastien]
  • Added utils.select_organization to be able to select or unselect an organization from organizations registry. [gbastien]
  • While creating Plone groups, translate suffix displayed in title. [gbastien]

1.9 (2018-09-04)

  • Added utils.get_plone_group_id to get Plone group id for given organization and suffix. [gbastien]
  • Overrided “@@suborganizations” view to display the entire hierarchy of contained organizations and sub-organizations and more informations in a table. [gbastien]
  • When the plonegroup-organization is displayed in a tooltip, use original way to display sub organizations because the new rendering using the table takes too much place in the tooltip. [gbastien]

1.8.1 (2018-07-30)

  • Sort user vocabulary by fullname [sgeulette]
  • Added cache on travis. [sgeulette]

1.8 (2017-09-18)

  • Corrected error when deleting site. [sgeulette]
  • Corrected group modification. Added migration step. [sgeulette]

1.7 (2017-07-25)

  • Check if linkintegrity is enabled in events. [sgeulette]

1.6 (2017-05-30)

  • Use manager role only if necessary to avoid “SystemError: Excessive recursion” when recataloging [sgeulette]
  • Protect against group deletion [sgeulette]
  • Corrected subscriber at object paste [sgeulette]

1.5 (2016-12-13)

  • Get selected organizations with manager role because plone.formwidget.masterselect calls ++widget++ as Anonymous. [sgeulette]

1.4 (2016-12-07)

  • Call only once a subscriber. [sgeulette]
  • Improved util method and added test [sgeulette]
  • Added method to get selected organizations with customized title [sgeulette]
  • Added methods to get orgs users and vocabulary [sgeulette]

1.3 (2016-04-15)

  • Use a stored cache key to invalidate cache on all zeo clients [sgeulette]

1.2 (2016-01-13)

  • Made an unrestricted search to list own organizations, possible reason of empty list [sgeulette]
  • Increase OrderedSelectWidget size to 15 lines. [sgeulette]
  • Use the same permission to protect config view and configlet. [sgeulette]

1.1 (2015-12-11)

  • Put title as unicode in vocabulary. [sgeulette]

1.0 (2015-11-24)

  • Added link integrity check when deleting a plonegroup organization [sgeulette]
  • Added marker interfaces to distinguish plonegroup organizations [sgeulette]
  • Added selected organizations vocabulary as elephantvocabulary: display correctly no more selected terms. [sgeulette]
  • Don’t deactivate a used plonegroup organization [sgeulette]
  • Check state to build OwnOrganizationServicesVocabulary. [cedricmessiant]
  • Set token to UID in OwnOrganizationServicesVocabulary. [sgeulette]
  • Give access to configlet to Site Administrator [sgeulette]
  • Flake8 corrections [sgeulette]

0.2 (2014-03-18)

  • Corrected Manifest to include all files.

0.1 (2014-02-13)

  • Initial release. [sgeulette]

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