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Define which users need to mark a content item as read (via collective.mustread)

Project description

Content rule to define which content items need to be read by which users (local roles) before a certain deadline.

A notification email is sent to all users when the read confirmation is requested.

An optional reminder email is sent to all users that did not confirm their read-requests 2 days (configurable) before the deadline.

When read-requests for content items have expired, a notification email is sent to a configurable emailaddress that lists all unread documents and which users did not confirm the item as read in time.

Site-Administrators can view read-statistics (per content-item and site-wide) as well as download a CSV list of all read-requests.

The content rule allows to configure

  • the number of days the users have time to read the content (deadline = today + nr-of-days),

  • the number of days the reminder is sent out before the deadline,

  • and the subject/text of the notification and reminder emails.

This addon depends on collective.mustread.

To enable must-read actions on non-folderish ATContentTypes include archetypes.zcml (see Installation).

Setup contentrule

Add a new content rule.

Typically you’ll use Read confirmation requested as the triggering event.

This is fired when a user calls the @@request-read-confirmation view on a content object which is linked in the actions dropdown of content items if the user has the Request read confirmation permission.

You can also use other event triggers such as Object added to this container or Workflow state changed if this makes sense for your use-case.

As action choose Request read confirmation and configure it:

Email source

The email address notifications and reminders get send from (From: header)


Currently the users who get notified of the read request are defined by a global, acquired or local role you can chose (similiar to collective.contentrules.mailtorole

We also support roles granted to groups and also support looking up users in nested groups

Maybe we’ll add support to alternatively choose groups and users directly in the future.

Acquired Roles

Also notify users which acquired Role from a parent object

Global Roles

Also notify users which have been granted Role in the user or group control panel.

Notification Subject

Subject of notification email

Notification Message

Text for the notification email. You can use all the replacement variables of plone.stringinterp and in addition the Content action specific variables)

Reminder Subject

Subject of reminder email

Reminder Message

Text for the reminder mail.

If empty, no reminder is sent

Deadline Delay

Number of days a read request must be confirmed within. Will be used to compute the deadline of requests.

Reminder Delay

Defines how many days before the deadline a reminder email will be sent.

Content action specific variables

This package defines some additional plone.stringinterp variables:


URL of the item that marks the object as read (/@@mustread-hit)

(available in other actions as well).


Full Name of the person the read request is assigned to

(only available in Request read confirmation action).


Localized deadline of the read request

(only available in Request read confirmation action).


After setting up the content rule you simply call the @@request-read-confirmation view on a content object.

This should be available in the actions dropdown of content items for users having the Request read confirmation permission.

For the users matching the role-filter defined in the action, a mustread database entry gets created and a notification email is sent out.

You’ll see a satusmessage indicating which usernames got notified.

If you want your users to get notified again some days before the deadline, you’ll want to Setup a reminder.

You can also Setup an expiration notification (an email report of missed read requests - which documents have missed requests and which users did not read the document).

There is a csv export (@@read-statistic-csv) that lists all mustread records (useful as audit-log or doing advanced spreadsheet-magic).

Setup a reminder

The view @@send-read-reminders searches for (child-)objects with open read requests and notifies users if today’s date equals deadline of the reminder - notification-delay (which is specified in the action of the contentrule)

You can use a clockserver (similar to or a cronjob (z3c.recipe.usercrontab) for this.

This is an example for a cronjob that sends out reminder emails at 7am:

0  7  *   *   *     wget --quiet -O- --user=admin --password=admin --auth-no-challenge > /dev/null

Setup an expiration notification

The view @@send-expired-notification lists all documents having open read requests and notifies the portal’s admin address.

You can configure the recipients in the registry record collective.contentrules.mustread.interfaces.IMustReadSettings.expired_recipient

Make sure to call it only once a day - similar to Setup a reminder


  • Report View for objects - shows mustread records for an object or context including child-objects.

    • A heading for each object, links to mustread report for this object

    • Table listing with sortable columns:

      username, deadline, read-at, status (read, read too late, not read)

  • Add cleanup options to report view

    • Remove a single mustread entry

    • Remove all mustread entries

  • Report view for users (link usernames in report for object)

    Table listing all objects the user has read, not read, read too late.

  • limitation of types that offer must-read actions is done by marker interface (see archetypes.zcml) - there might be nicer ways

  • implement dexterity behaviour for ICanBeMarkedAsMustRead

  • Idea: separate content-action for notifications so we can define multiple notifications with different delays and texts

  • Idea: allow to call @@send-read-reminders w/o authentication using a secret (similar to munin.zope)


This product has been translated into

  • English

  • German


Install collective.contentrules.mustread by adding it to your buildout:



eggs =

zcml =

and then running bin/buildout

Install it via the addon configuration panel (Plone/prefs_install_products_form)

And make sure to configure the Database for collective.mustread



If you are having issues, please let us know via the issue tracker


The project is licensed under the GPLv2.



1.0a2 (2017-04-26)

  • Do not send expiration email if there are no users with deadlines that expired before our search-date [fRiSi]

1.0a1 (2017-04-26)

  • Initial release. [frisi]

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