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S&D extension to allow local newsletters

Project description


collective.dancefloor is a plugin for Singing&Dancing that allows to create different newsletters (not channels) in a site. This is useful when in a Plone site there are some different editorial staffs and every staff should manage only his newsletter.


To install collective.dancefloor, you just add the product to the eggs in your buildout configuration

eggs +=


Installing this product, all folderish contents in the site could be a local newsletter. This is made by a new field in “Settings” schemata that allows to enable/disable newsletter manage in that folder.

Enabling a local newsletter, a new “Newsletter” tab appears and it allows users with “Manage Local Newsletters” permission to manage this newsletter like a normal newsletter for Singing&Dancing.

As you can see, it has typical S&D configuration panel, and here you can do all the things that you usually do in portal_newsletters.

Local newsletter managers

The most difference between Singing&Dancing and dancefloor is that in S&D the users with newsletter roles can access to portal_newsletters and can possibly manage all newsletters and channels. With dancefloor, you can allow different groups or users to manage some specified local newsletters and deny others.

This is done simply with a new local role “LocalNewsletterManager”.


Singing&Dancing uses a persistent queue object to manage queues for newsletters. This queue is created the first time you send a newsletter, and is registered for portal_newsletters and is shared with all channels. This means that if you wants to use collective.dancefloor after having already used S&D on your portal, you will have a shared queue, and the channel A (of local newsletter A) see also the queue of channel B (of local newsletter B).

This is easily fixable erasing the global queue, and allows local channels to create their own queue. There is a view that do this “clear_default_queue”, that should be called in portal_newsletters tool: your_site_url/portal_newsletters/clear_default_queue


collective.dancefloor has been tested on Plone 3.3 and 4.2. Is possible that also older Plone 3.x version can be used safely.

TODO and know issues

  • Provide a full test coverage


Developed with the support of:

Regione Emilia Romagna supports the PloneGov initiative.


This product was originally created by Ramon Bartl, Stefan Eletzhofer.

Now is maintained by RedTurtle Technology team.

RedTurtle Technology Site


1.0.3 (2015-12-02)

  • Plone 4.3 compatibility [cekk]

1.0.2 (2014-10-17)

  • fix reindexObject in edited event. Now reindex only the required index [cekk]

1.0.1 (2013-04-19)

  • fixed bug in subscription portlet, when LinguaPlone is installed (#4) [kysr]

1.0.0 (2012-12-03)

  • fixed logger [cekk]

  • added view that fix old global newsletter channels [cekk]

  • fixed utility registration. Now uses folder UID [cekk]

  • fixed folder rename/move. Now an event update the utility [cekk]

0.4.5 (2011/12/07)

  • fixed sendsecret url in subscription portlet [cekk]

0.4.4 (2011/11/14)

  • fixed dependency [cekk]

0.4.3 (2011/11/11)

  • patched composer html to send the right link to subscribe [cekk]

0.4.2 (2011/11/09)

  • fixed localrole [cekk]

0.4.1 (2011/11/07)

  • fixed bug in erasing folders [cekk]

0.4.0 (2011/11/07)

  • added IDanceFloorChannels and IDanceFloorCollectors marker interfaces. Interfaces marks local /channels and /collectors folders and are used for browser:defaultView to avoid using of wrong (global) templates in case of the folder is accessed directly through http://floor/channels URL. [naro]

  • display local channels only in the local newsletter form [naro]

  • make local collectors working. This requires activating of overrides.zcml with custom collector vocabulary. There are both, local and global, collectors listed. [naro]

  • some fixes and test with Plone4 [cekk]

  • added new local role to manage local newsletter [cekk]

0.3 - first PyPi release

  • fix up various views to acommodate local configuration [ramonski]

  • fix nasty bug where local channels loose their acquired request [seletz]

  • add global IChannelLookup utility which in turn looks for local ILocalNewsletterLookup utilities. The latter are then registered for dancefloor-enabled folders, which provide ISite [seletz]

0.2 - Unreleased

  • local utility for channel lookup added [seletz]

0.1 - Unreleased

  • schema extender for enabling local newsletter functionality added [rbartl]

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