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The all-singing all-dancing newsletter product for Plone.

Project description

What is it?

Singing & Dancing is the next generation newsletter Product for Plone. It’s an out of the box solution that works without modification for most of your use cases. And should you find something that Singing & Dancing can’t do, it’s built to be easily extended via plug-ins using the Zope 3 Component Architecture.


Modern and extensible

Singing & Dancing builds on the latest and greatest efforts in the Zope and Plone world. It makes heavy use of the excellent z3c.form library and the Zope 3 Component Architecture. This allows you to easily plug in and extend Singing & Dancing to fit your needs.

Well tested

An extensive suite of automated tests make Singing & Dancing exceptionally stable and reliable. We currently have 200+ tests. Singing & Dancing is not gonna leave you in the lurch!

Fully managable through the Plone interface

Singing & Dancing is fully usable out of the box. An extensive set of forms reachable through the configuration panel let you as the user configure many details of your newsletters, like when they’re sent (periodically or manually), what is sent (through the use of the Smart Folder interface, or manually), and to whom.


Singing & Dancing uses confirmed subscription, i.e. subscribers receive an e-mail to confirm their subscription. Users can subscribe via a standard subscription form that lists all available newsletters in the site, or through individual subscription forms, e.g. in portlets.

Singing & Dancing Logo by Giuseppe Zizza


If you want to get an idea of what Singing & Dancing is capable of, visit our guide with screenshots. This guide will also help you find your way to setting up your first newsletter.


Installation of Singing & Dancing uses buildout. If you don’t know what buildout is or how to create a buildout, follow this tutorial first.

These instructions assume that you already have a Plone 3.x buildout that’s built and ready to run.

Singing & Dancing is available as Python eggs on PyPI.

To install Singing & Dancing, add it to your buildout by following these steps:

  1. Edit your buildout.cfg file and look for the [buildout] section. Add an extends = option in that section like the following:

    extends =
    parts =

    Should you already have an extends = line, add the new line at the end of the other extends files. For Plone 3.2.2, your [buildout] section might start like this:

    extends =
    parts =
  2. Next, you’ll need to add collective.dancing to the eggs and zcml options in your [instance] section. Which should then look like this:

    eggs =
    zcml =
  3. Remove all additional-fake-eggs and skip-fake-eggs options from your [zope2] section, if any. (This is so you don’t overrride the ones defined in the S&D extends file that we added in step 1.)

Once you’re done editing your buildout configuration, don’t forget to run your buildout again before you start up Zope:

$ ./bin/buildout -v

That’s it! You can now start up your Zope instance, and then install Singing & Dancing in your Plone site by visiting the Add-on Products site control panel.


Should the above instructions not work for you, contact us.

NOTE: If you’re upgrading your buildout from an older version where you included version dependencies of S&D by hand, remove the develop-eggs directory inside your buildout and re-run buildout.

Here’s a list of the most common stumbling blocks:

It’s installed. What’s next?

You’ll now have an entry in the control panel to Singing & Dancing. This will lead you to to the advanced configuration panel of S&D.

Note that there’s already a default newsletter set up for your convenience. You can create a Channel subscribe portlet to enable your users to subscribe to this channel, or you can point them to http://yoursite/portal_newsletters/channels/default-channel/subscribe.html

To send out a newsletter, go to any portal object, like the Plone front page, and click Actions -> Send as newsletter.

The advanced configuration panel of S&D gives you many more ways to send newsletters, like periodically and from automatically collected content.

Make sure to also check out our guide with screenshots for more details.

Processing the message queue

One important thing to note is that S&D usually queues messages in its own message queue before sending them out. You might have noticed that when you send out a newsletter, S&D tells you that it queued the messages.

In a production setup, you would normally process the message queue periodically using the built-in Zope ClockServer. While you’re testing, you can visit the Statistics screen in the S&D advanced configuration panel and manually clear the queues. If your mail configuration in Plone is set up correctly, you should be sending mail out now.

To set up ClockServer to trigger the processing automatically for you, add this stanza to the Zope 2 [instance] section of your buildout configuration and rerun bin/buildout -v:

zope-conf-additional =
      # plonesite is your plone path
      method /plonesite/@@dancing.utils/tick_and_dispatch
      period 300
      user admin
      password admin
      # You need your *real* host here

Or, if your site is behind Apache using a Virtual Host, the zope.conf clock server configuration would be

zope-conf-additional =
      # plonesite is your plone path
      # your site url
      method /VirtualHostBase/http/
      period 300
      user admin
      password admin

This will process the message queue every five minutes. It assumes that your Plone site’s ID is portal, that your username and password are admin, and that your site is called

Note: You must not set up this ClockServer on more than one instance. The processing makes sure it’s not invoked twice at the same time by using file locking. This file locking won’t work if you configure the clock server on two different servers.

Configuring zope.sendmail to send out messages

Singing & Dancing uses zope.sendmail to send out its mail. S&D comes with a default configuration for zope.sendmail in its collective/dancing/mail.zcml file. This configuration will read SMTP parameters from your Plone site.

Be warned however, that this default configuration is not suitable for high-volume newsletters. The aforementioned configuration file contains an example configuration using mail:queuedDelivery that works much more reliably when dealing with a large number of mails.


If you’re upgrading your version of Singing & Dancing, it might be that you need to run an upgrade of the database. In the portal_setup tool in the ZMI, visit the Upgrades tab and run any available new upgrades for the collective.dancing:default profile.

Contact us

If you have a question, or comment, get in touch with us! Our mailing list is a good place to do so. If you find a bug, please let us know. We also have an IRC channel called #singing-dancing on Freenode.


Singing & Dancing is built from scratch to be extensible. All components described in the file in collective.singing are pluggable.

Developer documentation exists in the form of doctests and Zope 3 interfaces in the source tree. To check out the development buildout, type this into your terminal:

svn co singing-dancing-dev

When the checkout is complete, you can find the doctests in *.txt files in the src/collective.singing/collective/singing/ and src/collective.dancing/collective/dancing/ directories. There’s also a documentation area for use cases and manuals in src/collective.dancing/docs/.

The latest version of collective.dancing itself can also be found in the Subversion repository.

Get in touch with us if you need help or have comments. See the Contact us section.


Thanks to the following people for support, code, patches, etc:

  • Alec Mitchell

  • Anton Stonor

  • Daniel Widerin

  • David Bain

  • David Pico

  • Giuseppe Zizza

  • Jakob Bartholdy Bruun

  • Jens W. Klein

  • Katja Suess

  • Malthe Borch

  • Maurizio Delmonte

  • Peter Holzer

  • Radim Novotny

  • Rok Garbas

  • Ross Patterson

  • Russ Ferriday

  • Sivan Greenberg

  • Sune Toft

  • Vincenzo Barone

  • Vincenzo Di Somma

  • Wim Boucquaert

  • Wouter Vanden Hove


Version 0.8.13 - 2009-10-19

  • The attribute ‘subscribeable’ now defaults to False on newly created channels. This means newly created channels will not show up on my-subscriptions before they are made subscribeable from the channels configuration page. [tmog]

  • Disabled stoneagehtml style attributes blacklist since it stripped out font-familiy from the styles added to a channel which confused several users. This fixes Unfortunately its not possible to specify a custom black list like stoneagehtml.compactify(html, filter_tags=[‘position’…]) since the stoneagehtml dosen’t support that yet - [pelle]

  • Fixed bug that caused the “Include collector items” option to be ignored (i.e. always on) in “Send as newsletter” previews. Also, there is now a default cue for the dummy preview subscriber. The cue is always “one week ago”. [tmog]

Version 0.8.12 - 2009-09-15

  • Changed the email address validation. The old one allowed a few bad addresses to slip through - addresses with trailing dots for instance. The new validation is generally stricter. Note that ‘simple’ local addresses like ‘admin@localhost’ are no longer allowed. For special use-cases where you need this, you must change the validation RegExp. However, for most usecases, I believe this is a big improvement. [tmog]

Version 0.8.11 - 2009-09-03

  • Added alternative “My subscriptions” page. It’s based on a single form with subforms, instead of multiple forms like the old one. It’s main feature is that it displays the ISubscriptionKey (the email address ;-)) and “subscribe” button only once. It has a checkbox for subscribing to each channel. To try the new version, select it from the new “Global settings” controlpanel. [tmog]

  • Translated new messageids for german language and updated some old ones. [saily]

Version 0.8.10 - 2009-06-11

  • Fix bug where collector sort criteria other than ‘created’ and ‘effective’ would result in an error. [nouri]

  • Fixed and added test for newsletter preview form. The preview in the channel page would fail before with TypeError: eval() arg 1 must be a string or code object. [nouri]

Version 0.8.9 - 2009-03-11

  • Fix the bug that Doug found where items from collectors would be rendered fully. [nouri]

  • Update installation instructions to account for Plone 3.2.x buildouts, which are somewhat different. [nouri]

  • Added optional keyword argument override_vars to Composer.render. override_vars are now a override individual composer_vars from e.g. the send-newsletter.html form.

    I’ve included an example of this in the section “Customizing the send as newsletter form” in browser.txt (and the new send-newsletter-custom-subject.html view). This is a pretty pervasive change since it needs to work with asynchronous sending, email-previewing, browser-previewing, and with scheduled delivery.

    Included is an upgrade step for migrating TimedScheduler.items to the new format. Refer to the Upgrade section for details on how to run upgrades. [tmog]

Version 0.8.8 - 2009-02-01

  • Fix a dependency issue with collective.singing. [nouri]

Version 0.8.7 - 2009-02-01

  • We now have much easier installation instructions. [nouri]

  • Fix #313044: Don’t mess up javascript: links when making absolute links out of relative ones. [nouri]

Version 0.8.6 - 2009-01-20

  • Fix #318725: Don’t mess up mailto: links when making absolute links out of relative ones. Thanks to Scribbles. [nouri]

  • Exclude all markup with class newsletterExclude when sending out mail. This allows for a lo-fi way of marking parts of your template for exclusion if you can’t be bothered to write your own IFormatItem. [nouri]

  • Added sort_criteria dict to the collector module. It allows to specify different query based on the current cue for different sort criteria. [naro]

Version 0.8.5 - 2009-01-05

  • Extended the CVS input of subscribers to allow arbitrary CVS fields to be stored as part of the subscriptions, and then included in the composer output using the ${composervariableFIELDNAME1} syntax. [russf]

Version 0.8.4 - 2009-01-02

  • Added some sensible defaults to collective.dancing.composer.plone_html_strip so that key html is filtered out. [pigeonflight]

  • Add experimental support for zexp. [nouri]

  • Added upgradestep to migrate existing MessageQueues to collective.singing.queue.CompositeQueue. This fixes slow iteration over large queues and extremely slow rendering of the staticstics page. [tmog]

Version 0.8.3 - 2008-12-03

  • Fix issue with unicodeerrors on statistics page because of bad Job-messages. Described in [tmog]

  • Part of Czech translation. [naro]

  • Improved block structure and added classes and ids. Replaced paras with divs. These changes will impact existing CSS. [russf]

  • Use of Template().substitute will be fatal on any un-escaped where $ will occur - like on all recent news items :( safe_substitute behaves properly in these cirumstances. [russf]

  • Some refactoring in order to allow for more customized subscription forms. [nouri]

  • Added french translation.

  • Made new job-view browser/ translateable, rebuilt pot file and updated german translation. [saily]

Version 0.8.2 - 2008-11-17

  • Fixed a bug in HTMLComposer where unsubscribe_url could not be substituted by template engine because of double dollars in variable name. [saily]

Version 0.8.1 - 2008-11-14

  • Small refactoring of tests to allow for reuse of test infrastructure in third party tests. [nouri]

Version 0.8.0 - 2008-11-12

  • Added bouncing support: The new utility view @@dancing.utils/handle_bounce takes a list of addresses and marks subscriptions as pending when it receives more than two bounce notifications. This has the effect that no more messages are sent to that subscription, while the subscription is still present in the database. [nouri]

  • Added caching to composer rendering. Caching is done based on _vars and collected items. Notice that composer._vars has been split into two; _vars and _subscription_vars. The latter containing variables that are likely to be unique to the subscription, and the former those that are likely shared across multiple subscriptions.

    Rendering is now broken into two step:

    1. Rendering the composer-html template and compacting the resulting html with StoneAgeHTML. _vars and collected items is available in the template. This step is cached on _vars and items.

    2. string.Template variable replacement on the html of variables in _subscription_vars. In the default implementation only the subscribers secret in the subscription management urls is replaced.


Version 0.7.7 - 2008-11-05

  • Set ignoreContext = True for SubscriptionsSearchForm. Before I’d get AttributeError: 'ManageSubscriptionsForm' object has no attribute 'fulltext', but strangely enough not in the tests and only in one installation that I know of. [nouri]

Version 0.7.6 - 2008-11-05

  • German translation has been updated. [saily]

  • Used i18ndude to find all untranslated msgid’s. There were some updates in collective.dancing queue-button-naming, so all guy’s please help updating collective.dancing’s po files. [saily]

  • Fixed a bug where when sending a preview we were incorrectly setting the cue of the subscription that the preview is sent to. [nouri]

  • Fix #264990: When sending out a newsletter from a content item manually, we no longer assemble all message in the course of the browser request. Instead, we schedule a job that’s executed asynchronously on tick_and_dispatch time. [nouri]

Version 0.7.5 - 2008-10-27

  • Move file locking from queue dispatch to the tick_and_dispatch browser view. This is to make sure that we don’t put duplicates into the queue. This is because the underlying queue implementation will actually work against us here by allowing simultaneous adds in parallel ZODB- writes. [nouri]

  • Fix #289779: Strip whitespace from e-mail addresses. [nouri]

  • Added encoding attribute on the HTMLComposer class to make it possible to either subclass and provide a different default encoding, or set a persistent attribute. [malthe]

  • Fix #280338: Images in header and footer text were sent with relative URLs. [nouri]

  • It’s now possible to filter channels from the sendnewsletter view. Simple by setting channel.sendable=False. [tmog]

  • Fixed an issue with installing collective.dancing from python. The event-listener registering ISalt on creation of a new tool no longer depends upon having a request. [tmog]

  • zope.conf configuration with Virtual Host added in documentation [macadames]

Version 0.7.4 - 2008-09-19

  • Fix an issue where confirming pending subscriptions by visiting the “My subscriptions” page. If a subscription is already confirmed the dictionary subscription.metadata does not have a key pending. [saily]

Version 0.7.3 - 2008-09-16

  • Rebuild collective.dancing.pot and updated German translation. [saily]

  • Removed bug in ManageSubscriptionsForm.remove. When the search box was added we also changed the ManageSubscriptionsForm.get_items method to return the secret instead of the name. The remove method was not updated, and delete of subscriptions did not work. [saily]

  • Removed bug in CSV-export. Export must have same ordered fields or columns as expected on import. As we are using the composer schema for import, we should use this for export too. [saily]

  • Make CSV export and import use the same delimiter. [saily]

Version 0.7.2 - 2008-09-15

  • Fix an issue where the scheduled send-out would send out items in their short form, i.e. only title and description. [miziodel, nouri]

  • Add a search box to the subscriptions administration view.

    Prior versions of S&D didn’t populate the subscribers fulltext index correctly. This version adds an upgrade step that you’ll need to run in order to reindex all your subscription objects.

    Refer to the Upgrade section for details on how to run upgrades. [nouri]

  • Allow pending subscriptions to be conformed by visiting the “My subscriptions” page. This allows users to confirm their subscriptions even if they’ve lost or never received their message for confirm. [nouri]

  • More fine-tuning of the PloneCallHTMLFormatter: Strip unwanted content like the review history in a configurable way. [nouri]

Version 0.7.1 - 2008-09-05

  • Added workaround for a bug in the composer where header_text or footer_text are None. No idea why they’re None, though.

Version 0.7.0 - 2008-09-05

  • Added a new field subject for the composer. This allows more control over what subject outgoing messages have, using string templates. The default is ${site_title}: ${channel_title}.

    Removed the <h1> from the default composer template. You can now use the header text of the composer to the same effect. The default header text has now become <h1>${subject}</h1> to mimic the old behaviour.

    On the API side of things, I changed the signature of dancing.composer.HTMLComposer._vars. Since overriding this is the recommended way of providing your own variables, this warrants a 0.7.0 release. I’m thinking about adding a little variable provider component as an alternative to subclassing. [nouri]

  • Added missing header with containing style and title tag in and [saily]

Version 0.6.5 - 2008-09-04

  • Add header and footer fields for the composer and its form. This allows us to add text at the beginning and at the end of messages in an easy and consistent way. [nouri]

  • Fix #264694: Using non ASCII characters in context title of send-newsletter raises UnicodeEncodeError. [saily]

  • Make PloneCallHTMLFormatter even more robust by switching to using BeautifulSoup instead of str.find to parse the contents. [nouri]

Version 0.6.4 - 2008-09-03

  • Added a default ITransform adapter for S&D called dancing.transform.URL. This will rewrite relative links and the like automatically. Relative links were the cause of broken links and images in the outgoing messages. This fixes #262633.

    What this transform also allows is the definition of one or more backend URLs that it should replace by a canonical URL. See transform.txt for details. [tmog, nouri]

  • Fix #262612: The Reply-To field is not included as message header.

Version 0.6.3 - 2008-09-01

  • Have the S&D SMTPMailer subclass from zope.sendmail’s. This allows the use of TLS with the standard configuration and fixes #263271.

Version 0.6.2 - 2008-08-28

  • Updated docs with information on how to configure mail:queuedDelivery of zope.sendmail. [nouri]

  • Make the PloneCallHTMLFormatter which is the fallback formatter for all objects more robust. [tmog]

  • Improve internationalization with newsletter object titles. [tmog]

  • Fixed a bug in csv-export if you use more composer_data than just email address. [saily]

  • Some people have reported that S&D is sending out duplicate mails on high-traffic newsletters. I’ve added a StubSMTPMailer utility, which you can register conveniently in collective/dancing/mail.zcml. No mail will be sent out when it’s configured instead of the default one. This allows you to debug and fine-tune settings, e.g. those of your configured mail:queuedDelivery component. [nouri]

  • Changed batch_size in browser/ to 30 to stay at Plone’s default. [saily]

  • German translation updated. [saily]

  • Rebuild of collective.dancing.pot using i18ndude. Some translation updates needed. [saily]

Version 0.6.1 - 2008-08-22

  • On reinstall, advise QuickInstaller not to delete the five.intid tool that we set up during installation. This fixes the brokenness of the subscription catalogs after a reinstall. A typical error you’d see would look like:

     Module collective.singing.subscribe, line 227, in subscription_modified
     Module collective.singing.subscribe, line 214, in _catalog_subscription
     Module five.intid.intid, line 36, in getId
     Module, line 86, in getId
    KeyError: SimpleSubscription ...

    No migration is available at this point. Contact us if you need help writing one. Note that the use of QuickInstaller reinstallation isn’t required with Singing & Dancing. For how to run upgrades from one version to the next, please see the Upgrade section. A QuickInstaller reinstallation will not run these upgrades for you. [nouri]

Version 0.6.0 - 2008-08-21

  • Update to use Singing’s new IMessageAssemble API. [nouri]

  • Use batching for the subscriptions management view. Also, reshuffle the order of tabs in the channel administration view. Most notably: move the “Subscriptions” tab to the first position to allow more comfortable editing. [nouri]

Version 0.5.1 - 2008-08-15

  • Fixed a bug where a collector would have a Title property; this should be a method. [malthe]

  • Added permissions to send, preview and manage newsletter. No upgrade steps required - just reinstall. By default - send and preview is allowed to reviewer and manager role, manage newsletters for managers only. [saily]

Version 0.5.0 - 2008-07-29

  • Display a more user friendly error message when the user attempts to add duplicate subscriptions. [miziodel, nouri]

  • List of subscribers can now be uploaded and downloaded in CSV format! [skatja]

  • Depend on 0.3 or higher of [nouri]

Version 0.4.1 - 2008-07-23

  • Fix RuntimeError: maximum recursion depth exceeded error in Module collective.dancing.browser.portlets.channelsubscribe, line 253, in channel when displaying portlets that were created prior to 0.4b4. [nouri]

Version 0.4 - 2008-07-23

New features

  • Added subject, confirmation_subject and forgot_secret_subject to vars of composer for easy customization. Defaults are unchanged. [tmog]

  • Added sender name, sender address and reply-to address as per composer configuration. Composer configuration is now available in the new Composers fieldset of the channel edit view. [tmog]

  • Allow for easier subclassing of HTMLComposer. The _vars() method is now more generally applicable and easily to override. [nouri]

  • Made adding thirdparty Channels possible. This works the same as with Collectors - you simply implement you custom channel and add a factory to the list. Preview and edit forms are now class methods on ManageChannelView to make it easier to subclass for your custom channels. [tmog]

  • Pass on raw item as received from the collector to the composer (template). Making use of this raw item will obviously bind the implementation of the composer to that of the collector. However, it’s considered useful for custom implementations that need total control and that know what collector they’ll be using.

    This required an API change in IComposer.render(); the items argument is now a list of 2-tuples instead of a list of formatted items. [nouri]

  • Added Polish translation by Barbara Struk [naro]

  • Added another type of scheduler: TimedScheduler. This one allows to schedule a number of send-outs with an exact datetime. Its main use is for the “send newsletter” form on a context where we want to specify a send-out date in the future. [nouri]

  • The confirmation view will now confirm pending subscriptions to any channel. This saves us from having to send a separate confirmation e-mail for every channel a user subscribes to. This feature isn’t used anywhere in S&D core at this point, but it’s useful if you’re writing custom subscription forms. [nouri]

  • Added SubjectsCollectorBase template class that you can use to create a collector based on a vocabulary. This vocabulary may come from anywhere, like from ATVocabularyManager or from the list of all subjects/tags available in your site. [nouri]

  • Text fields will now per default not be included in the resulting message if there are no sibling collectors that produced items. E.g. if you have a heading text and a sibling topic collector, the heading won’t appear if the topic didn’t return any items. [nouri]


  • Updated installation instructions to use the fake-zope-eggs feature of the plone.recipe.zope2install instead of fakezope2eggs. Also, added skip-fake-eggs to accommodate latest changes in plone.z3cform.

  • Use CompositeQueue instead of the simple zc.queue.Queue for queueing and archiving mails. This should help with memory bloat when there’s a lot of messages in the queue. [nouri]

  • Don’t attempt to do any workflow transition with ATTopic items created in the collector; the default workflow will do fine, and we avoid errors when using workflows other than the default one. [nouri]

  • Don’t bail if no items are available for preview. [malthe]

Version 0.3 - 2008-06-03

New features

  • Add translations to German. [saily]

  • Added preview also to channel view. This was previously only available for the “send as newsletter” action. [malthe]

  • Refactored channels management view and the dedicated channel view. Big improvements to usability of the channel view. [malthe]

  • Added capability to embed stylesheets in outgoing mail. Right now, this is a simple text field that can be set on the channel’s composer. We’re now making use of the StoneAgeHTML library to embed styles in the individual HTML elements instead of providing styles in the <head> of the HTML document. This gives us much better support with quirky e-mail clients out there. [malthe]

    In the future, we want to extend this to allow administrators to select themes for individual channels by browsing and selecting from a list of registered styles.

  • Added Czech translation. [naro]

  • Refactored to create MIMEMultipart based messages. This allows us to easily adapt the mail sending process to embed images and the like. [naro]

  • Added a “reference collector”. This allows you to select individual portal items to be sent out, as opposed to items collected by a Smart Folder or the like. [malthe]


  • S&D 0.3b2 introduced an incompatible change with channels created in 0.3b1 and earlier. I added a GenericSetup upgrade step to fix this. The relevant code is in the collective.dancing.upgrade module.

    If you’re using a legacy database with channels that were created before version 0.3b2, you’ll need to run this upgrade step, or you’ll see this error:

    TypeError: ('object.__new__(HTMLComposer) is not safe, use persistent.Persistent.__new__()', <function _reconstructor at ...>, (<class 'collective.dancing.composer.HTMLComposer'>, <type 'object'>, None))

    Refer to the Upgrade section for details on how to run upgrades. [nouri]

  • Add metadata.xml to make QuickInstaller happy with version numbers. [naro]

  • Back to using checkboxes for multi selection instead of select. [nouri]

  • Make HTMLComposer and channel.composers persistent so that changes to template and composers are conveniently persisted. [nouri]

  • Use zc.lockfile to lock the queue processing (sending out of mail) instead of excessively using transaction.commit(), which caused massive ZODB bloat when a lot of messages were involved. [nouri]

  • Use email.Header for message header formatting. This allows for better internationalization in headers of outgoing e-mails. [naro]

  • In-browser preview now displays what would really be sent out, i.e. after collectors and transforms could do their thing. Before, it used to only display the context item as mail. [malthe]

Version 0.2 - 2008-05-06

  • Add an ‘Already subscribed?” section to the “My subscriptions” page to retrieve your password. [nouri]

  • added i18n:domain to browser/, removed extra quotes from browser/, updated pot and danish translation [bartholdy]

  • updated .pot and danish translation [bartholdy]

  • apparently triplequoted strings do not get translated .. this takes care of [bartholdy]

  • Don’t use locale-dependent ‘string.letters’ when creating the ISalt utility. This fixes [nouri]

  • Extended portlet with optinal footertext [bartholdy]

  • Added functionality to show a preview in the browser [malthe]

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