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Package proposant un type de colonne compatible avec eea.facetednavigation

Project description


Package proposant un type de colonne compatible avec eea.facetednavigation


To install collective.eeafaceted.z3ctable you simply add collective.eeafaceted.z3ctable to the list of eggs in your buildout, run buildout and restart Plone. Then, install collective.eeafaceted.z3ctable using the Add-ons control panel.


2.18 (2022-06-14)

  • Added BaseColumn.escape = True so content is escaped. Manage escape manually for the TitleColumn, VocabularyColumn and the AbbrColumn, set it to False for CheckBoxColumn, ElementNumberColumn and ActionsColumn that are entirely generated, set it to False for PrettyLinkColumnNothing as imio.prettylink manages it itself. [gbastien]

2.17 (2022-05-13)

  • Doing an unrestricted object get to increase performance. [sgeulette]

2.16 (2022-01-03)

  • Added debug mode when displaying results, this will display the time to render each cell, each column (total of every cells) and a global table total. Just add debug=true to the URL [gbastien]

2.15 (2021-11-08)

  • Renamed parameter passed to PrettyLinkWithAdditionalInfosColumn.getPrettyLink from item to obj as it is actually the obj that is received and not the item. [gbastien]
  • Added attribute PrettyLinkWithAdditionalInfosColumn.ai_included_fields, by default it displayed every non empty fields, with this parameter it is possible to select which fields to display. [gbastien]

2.14 (2021-07-16)

  • Fixed the CheckBoxColumn, add a name to the select all/nothing checkbox so it is possible to have several checkbox columns (on same table or when displaying several tables on same page). [gbastien]

2.13 (2021-01-06)

  • Added possibility to define a header_help message that will be displayed when hovering header title. [gbastien]
  • Added <label> tag around input for the CheckBoxColumn so it can be syled to ease checkbox selection on click. [gbastien]

2.12 (2020-10-02)

  • In PrettyLinkWithAdditionalInfosColumn, use IDataManager to get widget value. [gbastien]

2.11 (2020-08-18)

  • Render DataGridField in PrettyLinkWithAdditionalInfosColumn vertically. [gbastien]
  • Bugfix in PrettyLinkWithAdditionalInfosColumn, sometimes the widget’s context was the previous row object. [gbastien]
  • Added parameter PrettyLinkWithAdditionalInfosColumn.simplified_datagridfield and set it to False by default. [gbastien]
  • Moved MemberIdColumn.get_user_fullname out of MemberIdColumn so it can be easily used from outside. [gbastien]
  • Added PrettyLinkWithAdditionalInfosColumn.ai_extra_fields, that let’s include extra data not present in schema, by default this will include id, UID and description. [gbastien]

2.10 (2020-05-08)

  • In PrettyLinkWithAdditionalInfosColumn, removed to setup around current URL that was necessary for displaying image and files correctly but instead, require plone.formwidget.namedfile>=2.0.2 that solves the problem. [gbastien]

2.9 (2020-02-25)

  • Ignored EMPTY_STRING in VocabularyColumn [sgeulette]

2.8 (2020-02-06)

  • Managed correctly a field not yet set. [sgeulette]
  • In the PrettyLinkWithAdditionalInfosColumn, manage description manually as it is not present in the @@view widgets. Display it as any other fields if not empty. [gbastien]
  • Added IconsColumn [sgeulette]

2.7 (2019-09-13)

  • In columns.AbbrColumn, make sure there is no in tag title or it is not rendered correctly in the browser. [gbastien]

2.6 (2019-09-12)

  • Fixed translation of Please select at least one element. msgid, it was still using the old domain collective.eeafaceted.batchactions from which the select_row column was reintegrated. [gbastien]

  • Optimized the PrettyLinkWithAdditionalInfosColumn speed :

    • the view.update is called one time and we store the view in the column so next rows may use it;
    • use collective.excelexport datagridfield exportable to render a datagridfield because widget rendering is way too slow…
    • added collective.excelexport as a dependency.


2.5 (2019-08-02)

  • In VocabularyColumn and AbbrColumn, store the vocabularies instances under _cached_vocab_instance to avoid doing a lookup for each row. This does speed rendering a lot. [gbastien]

2.4 (2019-03-28)

  • Fix Date column with SolR result [mpeeters]
  • Added ExtendedCSSTable.table_id and ExtendedCSSTable.row_id_prefix making it possible to have a CSS id on the table and for each rows. By default, we defined it for FacetedTableView, table_id = ‘faceted_table’ and row_id_prefix = ‘row_’. [gbastien]
  • For ColorColumn, do not redefine the renderHeadCell method but use the header attribute as we return static content. [gbastien]
  • Added BaseColumn.use_caching attribute set to True by default that will avoid recomputing a value if it was already computed for a previous row. This needs to be managed by column and base _get_cached_result and _store_cached_result are defined on BaseColumn. Implementations are done for DateColumn, VocabularyColumn and AbbrColumn. [gbastien]

2.3 (2018-12-18)

  • In, group <span> displaying number of results or no results under same <div> so it is easy to style. [gbastien]

2.2 (2018-11-20)

  • Added PrettyLinkWithAdditionalInfosColumn.ai_generate_css_class_fields attribute to make it possible to specify fields we want to generate a CSS class for, depending on field name and value. This is useful for applying custom CSS to a particular additional info field having a specific value. [gbastien]

2.1 (2018-09-04)

  • Added BooleanColumn based on the I18nColumn that displays Yes or No depending on fact that value is True or False. [gbastien]
  • Added PrettyLinkColumn and PrettyLinkWithAdditionalInfosColumn columns based on soft dependency to imio.prettylink. [gbastien]
  • Added ActionsColumn column based on soft dependency to imio.actionspanel. [gbastien]
  • Added RelationPrettyLinkColumn column displaying a relation as a pretty link. [gbastien]
  • Moved overrides of SequenceTable.renderRow and SequenceTable.renderCell relative to being able to define CSS classes by <td> tag and depending on item value to a separated ExtendedCSSTable class so it can be reused by other packages. [gbastien]

2.0 (2018-06-20)

  • Make widget compatible with eea.facetednavigation >= 10.0. This makes it no more compatible with older version. [gbastien]
  • Make package installable on both Plone4 and Plone5. [gbastien]
  • Reintegrated the select_row column from collective.eeafaceted.batchactions as it is useable by other Faceted packages. [gbastien]
  • Reintegrated js variables view that manages no selected elements message. [gbastien]

1.0.3 (2018-05-03)

  • Defined a weight of ‘100’ for the CheckBoxColumn so it is displayed on the right of the table columns by default. [gbastien]
  • Defined correct CSS id for bottom viewlets providers. [gbastien]
  • Updated french translation of ‘Review state’ to add a ‘E’ with accent. [gbastien]

1.0.2 (2017-08-03)

  • In BrowserViewCallColumn when computing the path to traverse, avoid double ‘//’ that breaks (un)restrictedTraverse. [gbastien]
  • Make portal and portal_url directly available on the table instance. [gbastien]

1.0.1 (2017-06-01)

  • Avoid useless redirects when using sorting and current URL ends with /view or so. [gbastien]
  • Fixed tests to use translated strings instead msgid, adapted buildout so po files are computed. [gbastien]

1.0 (2017-05-31)

  • Check also empty column value with __empty_string__. [sgeulette]
  • Set default to ignored_value DateColumn [sgeulette]

0.19 (2017-02-09)

  • Enable merging and caching for collective.eeafaceted.z3ctable.js in portal_javascripts. [gbastien]

0.18 (2017-01-31)

  • Handle sort_on of the query by storing result of the sorting widget in the request.form so it is reuseable by other widget.query that also manage the sort_on attribute. [gbastien]

0.17 (2016-12-05)

  • Added ElementNumberColumn that will display the number of the current element among elements displayed in the table. This supports table using batch or not. [gbastien]

0.16 (2016-08-03)

  • Add option ignoreColumnWeight to Table to keep columns ordered as returned by setUpColumns() rather than by column weight. [sdelcourt]

0.15 (2016-06-13)

  • Correct wrong release. [gbastien]

0.14 (2016-06-13)

  • ColorColumn : in renderHeadCell, do not return an empty HTML content but u’&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;’ so in case table is too large, the column does not shrink to nothing. [gbastien]
  • Use __name__ instead of attrName to generate th_header_ and td_cell_ CSS classes so 2 columns using the same attrName get different CSS classes. [gbastien]
  • Added AbbrColumn that will generate a HTML tag <abbr> and that is based on 2 vocabularies, one that manage the abbreviated value and one that manage the full value. [gbastien]

0.13 (2016-06-03)

  • Display the ‘Refresh search results.’ link also when there are no current results. [gbastien]

0.12 (2016-03-29)

  • Add english translations. [sgeulette]

0.11 (2016-02-15)

  • Made BrowserViewCallColumn more generic, use unrestrictedTraverse instead of getMultiAdapter [sgeulette, gbastien]
  • Added DxWidgetRenderColumn to render a dexterity field widget [sgeulette]
  • Added RelationTitleColumn to render a z3c.relationfield.relation.RelationValue attribute [sgeulette]

0.10 (2016-01-15)

  • Splitted the 2 viewlet managers to be able to add viewlets above and below batch navigation, henceforth we have 4 viewlet managers : ‘collective.eeafaceted.z3ctable.topabovenav’, ‘collective.eeafaceted.z3ctable.topbelownav’, ‘collective.eeafaceted.z3ctable.bottomabovenav’, ‘collective.eeafaceted.z3ctable.bottombelownav’. [gbastien]

0.9 (2016-01-04)

  • Use HTML entities &#9650; and &#9660; instead of &blacktriangle; and &blacktriangledown; so it behaves nicely in both Firefox and Chrome. [gbastien]

0.8 (2015-12-23)

  • Define a default CSS class on each TD as it is already done for TH so it is easy to skin if necessary. [gbastien]

0.7 (2015-12-17)

  • Replace sort triangle characters by html entities. [sgeulette]
  • Don’t pin setuptools for travis. [sgeulette]

0.6 (2015-11-18)

  • Set long_format=True for CreationDateColumn and ModificationDateColumn. [gbastien]
  • VocabularyColumn: get term by value and not by token. [sgeulette]

0.5 (2015-09-28)

  • Added 2 viewlets managers in the table : ‘’ and ‘collective.eeafaceted.z3ctable.bottom’. [gbastien]
  • Replaced DateColumn rendering to work not only with DateTime but with DateTime, datetime and date. [sgeulette]

0.4 (2015-09-10)

  • If an error occurs during render_table, catch the exception and display traceback manually in the Zope log to avoid faceted view to be frozen (JS ‘lock’ the web page and it is not unlocked when an error occurs). [gbastien]

0.3 (2015-09-03)

  • VocabularyColumn now manage multiValued values (list of values). [gbastien]
  • Optimized MemberIdColumn by not using getMemberInfo. [gbastien]
  • Added tests for table and columns. [gbastien]
  • Added link to refresh the search results. [gbastien]
  • Manage None value in MemberIdColumn [sgeulette]

0.2 (2015-08-04)

  • Fix: avoid UnicodeDecodeErrors in ColorColumn if label contains special chars. [gbastien]

0.1 (2015-07-14)

  • Initial release. [IMIO]

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