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Add-on to embed remote HTML pages into the Plone CMS

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collective.embeddedpage allows to embed remote HTML pages in Plone.


  • Adds EmbeddedPage content types (Dexterity based)

  • Displays remote HTML within the view of the EmbeddedPage content object


This add-on can be seen in action at the following sites:


This product has been translated into

  • German


Add collective.embeddedpage in your Plone installation with pip install collective.embeddedpage


This addon provides the entry collective.embeddedpage.timeout (Default value: 10 seconds) via the configuration registry in Plone. Requests to embedded pages that take longer than the entered value will be aborted and a generic error message is shown instead.

Local Development

Clone this repository:

git clone

Install Plone and this package:

cd collective.embeddedpage
make build-plone-6

Run tests:

make test



If you are having issues, please let us know.

If you require professional support, feel free to drop us a note at


HU Berlin

Forschungszentrum Jülich

The development of this plugin has been kindly sponsored by Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and Forschungszentrum Jülich.


Developed by kitconcept.


The project is licensed under the GPLv2.



4.0.0 (2024-06-03)

  • Add support for Python 3.10 and 3.11 [tisto]

  • Add timeout to request [wolbernd]

3.0.3 (2022-04-05)

  • Support pip-based installations of Plone [ericof]

  • Support Plone 6 [ericof]

3.0.2 (2022-03-21)

  • Use encoding specified in a text/html response [reebalazs]

3.0.1 (2021-12-03)

  • Remove title/description field from the IEmbeddedPage behavior. Fixes #42 [timo]

3.0.0 (2021-10-08)

  • Migrate to non interface name behaviors. [sneridagh]

  • Add DublinCore behavior to EmbeddedPage content type. [sneridagh]

  • Drop Python 2 support. [timo]

  • Drop Plone 5.1 and 4.3 support. [timo]

2.2.1 (2021-04-26)

  • Fix charmap error with ‘Windows-1254’ encoding. Use utf-8 as fallback [robdayz]

2.2.0 (2021-04-14)

  • Add Python 3.8 support (worked before, just added it to classifiers) [timo]

2.1.4 (2020-09-26)

  • Do not fail on invalid URLs [timo]

  • Run black on codebase [timo]

2.1.3 (2020-06-27)

  • Don’t purge behaviors [csenger]

2.1.2 (2020-06-18)

  • Fix getting js resources (#28). [csenger]

2.1.1 (2020-05-06)

  • Do not fail on missing params in process_page. [timo]

2.1.0 (2020-05-04)

  • Added i18n translation files for EN, ES, CA. [robdayz]

  • Add serializer for Volto support. [rodfersou]

2.0.0 (2020-04-09)

  • Plone 5.2/Python 3 compatibility. [timo,rodfersou]

1.3.2 (2020-02-04)

  • Don’t raise an exception when target page is empty. [rodfersou]

1.3.1 (2019-06-12)

  • Change development status to Production/Stabel in [timo]

1.3.0 (2019-06-12)

  • Change header forwarding: Only forward http x-* headers and convert zopes header names (e.g. HTTP_X_FORWARD_FOR to x-forward-for) [csenger]

1.2.2 (2019-05-28)

  • Dont double decode XML HTML pages. [rofersou]

  • Pass headers forward from original request. [rodfersou]

  • Make URL field not required. [rodfersou]

1.2.1 (2019-05-10)

  • Fix German translation “Show After” and “Show Before”. [timo]

1.2.0 (2019-05-10)

  • Use chardet package to detect the encoding of the embedded page. [rodfersou]

1.1.0 (2019-04-18)

  • Move stylesheets from head to body. [rodfersou]

  • Add tests. [rodfersou]

  • Add data-embedded attribute to inspect what page is being embedded with no need to login. [rodfersou]

1.0.2 (2019-03-30)

  • Fix the content type when request script. [rodfersou]

  • Fix iframe relative path to full path. [rodfersou]

1.0.1 (2019-03-28)

  • Forward script requests from plone server. [rodfersou]

  • Forward requests and params to original page. [rodfersou]

  • Convert html parsed data to string with html method. [rodfersou]

1.0.0 (2019-02-23)

  • Re-release 1.0.0a6 as final release. [timo]

1.0.0a6 (2019-02-13)

  • Add extra standard behaviors. [rodfersou]

1.0.0a5 (2019-02-12)

  • Fix when html is encoded as UTF-8. [rodfersou]

1.0.0a4 (2019-02-11)

  • Fix when there is no body tag inside html. [rodfersou]

1.0.0a3 (2019-01-22)

  • Add Rich Text to add content before the page embedded. [rodfersou]

  • Add Rich Text to add content after the page embedded. [rodfersou]

  • Add One parameter to disable right portlet column. [rodfersou]

1.0.0a2 (2019-01-14)

  • Do not show title and description of the content page itself. [timo]

  • Add pypi classifier for development status. [timo]

1.0.0a1 (2018-11-01)

  • Initial release. [kitconcept]

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