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Add forms for user enterable search criteria to collections.

Project description

This package extends the Products.ATContentTypes.criteria types to create a search forms. Specifically, any criterion fields which are selected in each criterion’s “Form Fields”, then those fields will be rendered on the search form. The values set on the criteria edit form become the default values on the search form. Search terms submitted through the search form supplement any criteria not on the search form. IOW, criteria not appearing on the form become the base query built into the search form.

A new “Search Form” display layout is provided that renders the search form and the collection body text but no results. The search form on this layout will display results using the layout specified in the “Form Results Layout” field of the collection’s edit form.

The search form can also be rendered in a search form portlet based on plone.portlet.collection. The portlet will not render on the search form view or the criteria edit form but otherwise will render the search form for the designated collection according to the portlet settings.

Thus the collection can use either the search form or a results listing as the display layout. Users can initiate searches using either the form or the portlet. The portlet also reflects any submitted search terms and thus provides a convenient way for users to refine their searches.

Multiple sort criteria can also be added that will render user selectable sort links on the batch macro. See collective/formcriteria/criteria/sort.txt for more details.

Also provided is an alternative display layout that uses the folder contents table. This layout is not yet fully functional but provides the basis for some very rich site admin functionality.

WARNING: Uninstall

Uninstalling this product after having added any collections or adding criteria to any collections, even ones added before install, is untested and may leave your collections broken.

Form Criteria

Start with a collection and some content for search results.

>>> from Products.PloneTestCase import ptc
>>> self.login()
>>> foo_topic = self.folder['foo-topic-title']
>>> foo_topic
<Topic at /plone/Members/test_user_1_/foo-topic-title>
>>> self.folder['bar-document-title']
<ATDocument at /plone/Members/test_user_1_/bar-document-title>
>>> self.folder['baz-event-title']
<ATEvent at /plone/Members/test_user_1_/baz-event-title>

Create the browser object we’ll be using.

>>> from Products.Five.testbrowser import Browser
>>> browser = Browser()
>>> browser.handleErrors = False

Log in as a normal user.

>>> browser.getLink('Log in').click()
>>> browser.getControl('Login Name').value = ptc.default_user
>>> browser.getControl(
...     'Password').value = ptc.default_password
>>> browser.getControl('Log in').click()

Change the display layout of the collection to the “Search Form”.

>>> browser.getLink('Search Form').click()
>>> print browser.contents
...View changed...

Login as a user that can manage portlets.

>>> owner_browser = Browser()
>>> owner_browser.handleErrors = False
>>> owner_browser.getLink('Log in').click()
>>> owner_browser.getControl(
...     'Login Name').value = ptc.portal_owner
>>> owner_browser.getControl(
...     'Password').value = ptc.default_password
>>> owner_browser.getControl('Log in').click()

Add the search form portlet for this collection to the folder.

>>> owner_browser.getLink('Manage portlets').click()
>>> owner_browser.getControl(
...     'Search form portlet', index=1).selected = True
>>> owner_browser.getForm(index=3).submit() # manually w/o JS
>>> print owner_browser.contents
...Add Search Form Portlet...
>>> header = owner_browser.getControl('Portlet header')
>>> header.value = 'Foo Search Form Title'
>>> foo_topic_path = '/'.join(
...     ('',)+ foo_topic.getPhysicalPath()[
...         len(portal.getPhysicalPath()):])
>>> header.mech_form.new_control(
...     type='checkbox', name="form.target_collection",
...     attrs=dict(checked='checked', value=foo_topic_path))
>>> owner_browser.getControl('Save').click()
>>> print owner_browser.contents
...Foo Search Form Title...

Go to the collection’s edit tab and set the “Form Results Layout” field.

>>> browser.getLink('Edit').click()
>>> browser.getControl('Collection').selected = True
>>> browser.getControl('Save').click()
>>> print browser.contents
...Changes saved...

Go to the “Criteria” tab and add a criterion for the workflow state that won’t appear on the form. Then set the query term to return only published content.

>>> browser.getLink('Criteria').click()
>>> form = browser.getForm(name='criteria_select')
>>> form.getControl('State').selected = True
>>> form.getControl(
...     'Select values from list', index=1).selected = True
>>> form.getControl('Add criteria').click()
>>> print browser.contents
...Select values from list...

Since the test browser doesn’t have JavaScript, test the discrimination of criteria types by index manually.

>>> foo_topic.allowedCriteriaForField('review_state')
['FormSelectionCriterion', 'FormCheckboxCriterion',
'FormSimpleStringCriterion', 'FormListCriterion',
'FormCommaCriterion', 'FormSortCriterion']
>>> foo_topic.allowedCriteriaForField(
...     'review_state', display_list=True)
[('FormSelectionCriterion', 'Select values from list'),
 ('FormCheckboxCriterion', 'Check values'),
 ('FormSimpleStringCriterion', 'Text'),
 ('FormListCriterion', 'List of values'),
 ('FormCommaCriterion', 'Enter comma separated values'),
 ('FormSortCriterion', 'Sort results')] at ...>

Set the query term and save.

>>> form = browser.getForm(action="criterion_edit_form", index=0)
>>> form.getControl('published').selected = True
>>> form.getControl('Save').click()
>>> print browser.contents
...Changes saved...

Open another browser as an anonymous user.

>>> anon_browser = Browser()
>>> anon_browser.handleErrors = False

Before the topic has any form criteria, the search form is not present.

>>> anon_browser.getForm(name="formcriteria_search")
Traceback (most recent call last):

Add a simple string criterion for the SearchableText index on the criteria tab.

>>> form = browser.getForm(name='criteria_select')
>>> form.getControl('Search Text').selected = True
>>> form.getControl(name="criterion_type").getControl(
...     'Text', index=1).selected = True
>>> form.getControl('Add criteria').click()
>>> print browser.contents
...Search Text...
...A simple string criterion...

Select the criterion’s ‘value’ field as a form field so it will appear on the search form.

>>> browser.getControl(
...     name='crit__SearchableText_FormSimpleStringCriterion'
...     '_formFields:list').getControl('Value').selected = True

Set a default search term.

>>> browser.getControl(
...     name="crit__SearchableText_FormSimpleStringCriterion"
...     "_value").value = 'bar'
>>> browser.getControl(name="form.button.Save").click()
>>> print browser.contents
...Changes saved...

If no form value have been submitted, such as on a fresh load of the topic view, the default term will be used in the query returning only one of the content objects.

>>> len(foo_topic.queryCatalog())
>>> anon_browser.getLink('Bar Document Title')
<Link text='Bar Document Title'
>>> anon_browser.getLink('Baz Event Title')
Traceback (most recent call last):

Now that a form criterion has been added, the search form is rendered.

>>> form = anon_browser.getForm(name="formcriteria_search")

Criterion fields that haven’t been selected in “Form Fields” don’t appear on the search form.

>>> form.getControl(
...     name='form_crit__SearchableText_FormSimpleStringCriterion'
...     '_formFields:list')
Traceback (most recent call last):
LookupError: name

The label for the criterion corresponds to the form element for the first criterion field.

>>> ctl = form.getControl('Search Text')

Enter a search term and submit the query. The topic will now list the other content object.

>>> ctl.value = 'baz'
>>> form.getControl(name='submit').click()
>>> anon_browser.getLink('Bar Document Title')
Traceback (most recent call last):
>>> anon_browser.getLink('Baz Event Title')
<Link text='Baz Event Title'

Since the search form has been submitted, the results are rendered on the layout specified by the “Form Results Layout”.

>>> anon_browser.url.startswith(
...     'http://nohost/plone/Members/test_user_1_/foo-topic-title'
...     '/atct_topic_view')

The search form portlet also reflects the search term submitted rather than the default value submitted on the criteria tab.

>>> form = anon_browser.getForm(name="formcriteria_search")
>>> ctl = form.getControl('Search Text')
>>> ctl.value

If the search form is submitted from this page, the results are still rendered on the same view.

>>> ctl.value = 'bar'
>>> form.getControl(name='submit').click()
>>> anon_browser.url.startswith(
...     'http://nohost/plone/Members/test_user_1_/foo-topic-title'
...     '/atct_topic_view')

The search form portlet successfully renders when viewed on a context other than the portlet.

>>> form = anon_browser.getForm(name="formcriteria_search")

Ensure that collective.formcriteria doesn’t break existing ATTopic instances such as those created by default in a Plone site.

>>> print owner_browser.contents
...Site News...
...There are currently no items in this folder...
>>> owner_browser.getLink('Criteria').click()
>>> print owner_browser.contents
...Criteria for News...

Contents View

Change the topic’s display layout and the search form results layout to the contents view.

>>> foo_topic.setFormLayout('folder_contents_view')
>>> browser.getLink('Tabular Form').click()
>>> print browser.contents
...View changed...

The view renders the contents form.

>>> browser.getForm(name="folderContentsForm")
<zope.testbrowser.browser.Form object at ...>

The topic contents are listed in the contents table form.

>>> browser.getControl('Bar Document Title')
<ItemControl name='paths:list' type='checkbox'
>>> browser.getControl('Baz Event Title')
Traceback (most recent call last):
LookupError: label 'Baz Event Title'

The search form is also rendered if form criteria are present.

>>> form = browser.getForm(name="formcriteria_search")

The contents view also reflects user submitted criteria.

>>> form.getControl(
...     name='form_crit__SearchableText_FormSimpleStringCriterion'
...     '_value').value = 'baz'
>>> form.getControl(name='submit').click()
>>> browser.getControl('Bar Document Title')
Traceback (most recent call last):
LookupError: label 'Bar Document Title'
>>> browser.getControl('Baz Event Title')
<ItemControl name='paths:list' type='checkbox'

Make sure none of the collective.formcriteria extensions interfere with existing ATTopic instances.



0.9.5 - 2009-03-06

  • Move package to src directory and fix testing buildout
  • Register criteria AT types using the right package name
  • Fix a bug with the JavaScript that narrows the criteria types by index/field
  • Use separate meta_types instead of overwriting the ATCT meta types, may be backwards incompatible for previous installations

0.9.4 - 2009-02-08

  • Add a layout that lists items grouped by the sort used
  • Fix KeyError: u’unsorted’ bug for existing ATTopics as reported by jonstahl

0.9.3 - 2009-01-31

  • Fix widget JavaScript and CSS for search form portlet

0.9.2 - 2009-01-31

  • Clarify selected sort
  • Make portlet usable outside the context of the collection
  • Fix portlet class
  • Don’t render hour and minute fields on date

0.9.1 - 2009-01-30

  • Move the search form viewlet into a portlet
  • Patch the ATCT addCrierion method to properly initialize criteria so that they can safely be created in code
  • Use the same mismatched meta_type ATCT for the FormDateCriterion

0.9 - 2009-01-29

  • Fix incompatibility when extended sort criterion were added to existing ATCT ATTopic instances

0.8 - 2009-01-29

  • Added multiple sort links to the batch macro

0.7 - 2009-01-28

  • Change to use the same names as ATCT where appropriate to avoid some problems where the ATCT names are expected.
  • Flesh out the GenericSetup profile with all other bits in the Plone profile that make reference to criteria.

0.6 - 2009-01-26

  • Use a form prefix for the search form. Fixes calendar JavaScript bug.
  • Fix criterion label to point to the correct form input
  • Allow widget special help/description to appear even if the label isn’t rendered and use this for the comma widget
  • Fix the handling of postbacks in the comma widget
  • Use a “Search Form” view that only renders the search form
  • Added boolean criteria
  • Added date criteria
  • Added path criteria
  • Added relative path criteria
  • Added integer criteria

0.5 - 2009-01-25

  • Form criteria are now designated by selecting which fields of each criterion should be rendered on the search form
  • Improve label handling. Remove labels for ‘value’ field and “required” markers for all fields.
  • Make the search form collapsible and start collapsed when the form has been submitted
  • Add a comma separated criterion

0.4 - 2009-01-15

  • Add list criterion
  • Add selection criterion
  • Fix the form for access by anonymous users

0.3 - 2009-01-15

  • Fully re-use the AT edit widgets
  • Support criteria with multiple fields
  • Use the widgets to process the form values
  • Add checkbox criterion based on FormSelectionCriterion, FormPortalTypeCriterion, and FormReferenceCriterion
  • Add a date range form criterion (JS calendar not working yet)

0.2 - 2008-05-27

  • Fix i18n_domain in ZCML
  • Make the authenticator view conditional for Plone 3.0 compatibility

0.1 - 2008-05-24

  • Initial release


  • Ensure that only formFields are taken from the request

  • Form sort criteria

  • Add single selection (pulldown, radio) criteria (davisagli)

  • Fix folder_contents view to support deleting, etc.

  • Use subcollections to support AdvancedQuery operations

    Collections will act as grouping/parenthesis and operators. IOW, a collection will have a boolean field to set whether it uses AND or OR to find the intersection or union of its result sets. Sub-collections will not acquire criteria but instead parent collections will treat sub-collections as criteria groupings. Not yet sure how to handle sorting.

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