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A Plone extension package providing wiewlet with user defined multiple portal logos.

Project description


This package helps to create custom portal logo in Plone, using new configlet, custom css and images. It allows user to construct logo from multiple items such as text or images.


This package requires Plone 3.0 or later.

Installing without buildout

Install this package in either your system path packages or in the lib/python directory of your Zope instance. You can do this using either easy_install or via the script.

After installing the package it needs to be registered in your Zope instance. This can be done by putting a collective.multilogo-configure.zcml file in the etc/package-includes directory with this content:

<include package="collective.multilogo" />

or, alternatively, you can add that line to the configure.zcml in a package or Product that is already registered.

Installing with buildout

If you are using buildout to manage your instance installing collective.multilogo is even simpler. You can install collective.multilogo by adding it to the eggs line for your instance:

eggs = collective.multilogo
zcml = collective.multilogo

The last line tells buildout to generate a zcml snippet that tells Zope to configure collective.multilogo.

If another package depends on the collective.multilogo egg or includes its zcml directly you do not need to specify anything in the buildout configuration: buildout will detect this automatically.

After updating the configuration you need to run the ‘’bin/buildout’’, which will take care of updating your system.


For example we want to create custom logo for portal DMS4U from server family: “DMS4U | CMS4U | ERP4U | CHAT4U” pointing to particular sites,,, etc.

Go to “Site Setup” and open “Multi Logo Settings” configlet listed under “Add-on Product Configuration” control panel section.

There you can specify a several options like display order (inline or block), logo items separator and define individual parts/items of the logo. Additional promo text placed under logo items can be defined also.

In our case set “display inline” to True, as separator we enter “|” and define the following logo items:

css_class='activeLogo' # to make logo item visually activated
new_window=False # we want the logo item to act like standard portal logo
css_class='inactiveLogo' # to make logo item visually deactivated


0.2.1 - 2008/08/19

  • synced readme.txt files [lzdych]

0.2 - 2008/08/19 =——————

  • fixed: lost multilogo settings after product reinstallation [mhora]

  • enabled logo item separator per logo item and added configuragle promo text under the logo items [mhora]

  • added fallback for empty logo link to portal navigation root [mhora]

0.1 - 2008/12/01

  • Initial release [lzdych]

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