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A gallery/slideshow product for plone that can aggregate from picasa and flickr or use plone images.

Project description

collective.plonetruegallery Documentation


collective.plonetruegallery is a Plone product that implements a very customizable and sophisticated gallery. It allows you to add regular Plone Galleries, Picasa Web Albums or even Flickr sets. It also allows the user to display the gallery in 3 different sizes, choose between two different javascript gallery display types and customize transitions, effects, and timing. This project aims to be everything you need for a Gallery in Plone.

How It Works

All you need to do is select the Gallery View from the Display drop down item for any Folder or Collection content type. Once that is done, a Gallery Settings tab is enabled for the type. With this, you can customize the various settings for the Gallery.


  • Flickr and Picasa Support!

  • Customize gallery size, transition(limited transitions right now), timed and other settings

  • Can use nested galleries

  • Slideshow 2(with transition types), Highslide JS and Fancybox display types

  • Pre-fetches gallery images

Flickr and Picasa Web Album Support

  • these packages are no longer a dependency of this package

  • to add support for these type of galleries you must install additional packages

  • install flickrapi version 1.2 for flickr support

  • install gdata version 1.2.3 or higher for Picasa Web Album Support

  • these can just be added to your buildout or installed with easy_install


The upgrade to version 0.8* is an important and large update. Basically, it gets rid of the Gallery type, replaces it with the regular Folder type along with a new view applied to the folder, namely the “Gallery View.”

Also, when you install the new product, your galleries will NOT work until you’ve run the upgrade step.

One more thing, upgrading will also mean that the classic display type is no longer supported. Your gallery will be gracefully migrated, so no worries on that end. Also, the new gallery display types are much more appealing in many ways. It is just that you may not like the change in look of the gallery.

Right now, this is only tested and supported on Plone 3.3*


Since this product depends on, you’ll need to add a few overrides for products versions in your buildout. Good news is that is you’re using any other product that uses, you’ll already be good to go.

Basically, you’ll need to add these to your buildout versions section:

z3c.form = 1.9.0
zope.i18n = 3.4.0
zope.testing = 3.4.0
zope.component = 3.4.0
zope.securitypolicy = 3.4.0 = 3.4.3

Tested On

  • Firefox 3

  • Safari 4

  • Opera 9/10

  • Google Chrome

Fetching of Images Explained

  • When rendering a picasa or flickr gallery, it checks if the images have been fetched within a day. If they have not, then it re-fetches the images for the gallery.

  • You can also force a specific gallery to be re-fetched by appending @@refresh to the gallery url

  • You can manually refresh all galleries on the site by typing in a url like This means you can also setup a cron-like job to refresh all the galleries whenever you want to, just so it isn’t done while a user is trying to render a page.

This product’s inspired usage was for the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.


Coding Contributions

  • Patrick Gerken - huge help with 0.8 release


  • French - Sylvain Boureliou

  • Norwegian - Espen Moe-Nilssen

  • Brazilian Portuguese - Diego Rubert

  • Finnish - Ilja Everila



  • fixed sub-gallery css issues

  • fixed ordering of images in gallery–now gallery images reorder when they are reordered in the container.

  • links now point to the view view of images if a user is logged in

  • highslide slideshow will start slideshow automatically only if number of images fits in one batch page [do3cc]

  • highslide image slides now have a title that consists of the image title and link to the image [do3cc]


  • removed Gallery content type

  • allows you to display gallery for Folder, Large Folder, and Collections

  • moved to using

  • remove event subscriptions and do not cook basic galleries

  • removed classic display type–don’t feel like maintaining anymore..

  • added fancybox and highslide display types

  • slideshow 2 now pans without zooming in on image and distorting it

  • added more styling to slideshow 2’s type

  • fixed issue with slideshow 2 gallery type where image would show up a little blurry because of image scaling…

  • updated flickr size settings

  • no longer support private picasa albums(I don’t want to store passwords obviously…)


  • fixed tests

  • added finnish translations[Ilja Everila]

  • added translatable sub-images


  • added “Refresh Gallery” button in case you change a gallery and need to re-cook the gallery images before it automatically does it for you. Especially useful for reordering of images in a basic gallery.

  • added go to image support via url like /url/to/gallery?start_image=theTitle. Not exactly perfect, but should work most of the time. No other way to know what image it is since I don’t keep ids on flickr and picasa galleries. make sure to url encode the title though.


  • because translations had .mo files, it broke some systems–removed.


  • added brazilian translation


  • updated french translation

  • added norwegian translation(Espen Moe-Nilssen)

  • added some message factories to places where it wasn’t used


  • add css class to no images message


  • changed the small picasa gallery size to be 320x320


  • bug fixes

  • gallery type registration changes


  • fixed bug that prevented subgalleries from being displayed [deo]

  • made sure to always display the gallery images even when there are subgalleries in the current gallery [deo]

  • removes dependency on simplejson and elementtree

  • now flickrapi and gdata are optional add-ons

  • added support for slideshow 2 - now gives option of what gallery type to use

  • reorganization of gallery schema(simple)

  • pre-fetches gallery images to speed rendering time(especially for flickr and picasa). Fetching occurs at a timed interval, can be setup to use clock server or can manually be fetched.

  • css fixes

  • better design for sub-galleries


  • fixed dependencies to be more flexible


  • fixed really dumb basic image sizing problem


  • added French translation(thanks to Sylvain Boureliou)


  • removed kss dependency

  • fixed flickr issues with api version–just pinned the version number(should have done from the start)

  • moved all javascript to portal_javascripts

  • fixed safari bug when carousel is hidden

  • packed all javascript

  • even though this is beta, this is a recommended upgrade as there are many improvements and some major fixes

  • implemented new timing mechanism


  • fixed bug with picasa galleries where it was retrieving all the galleries sometimes

  • added better error handling


  • fixed picasa bugs


  • moved all gallery types to adapters.

  • fixed opera support

  • plone 3.0 support fixes


  • fixed opera bug

  • flickr gallery now supports name or id for user an sets


  • minor bug fixes


  • removed dependency of mooTools and smooth gallery

  • dynamically grabs images

  • better controls

  • better cross browser support


  • added basic flickr support


  • refactored code to easily add new gallery types

  • fails gracefully if gdata isn’t installed

  • Now you choose the gallery type

0.3 - Beta

  • added support for picasa web albums

  • fixed a few bugs

.2beta-r67403 - Beta

  • added content type icons

  • cleaned up gallery views

.1 - Initial

  • Initial release

Project details

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