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A Plone portlet that shows a content item.

Project description


This portlet shows a content item as content in the portlet. It’s LinguaPlone aware, and is initially created to provide a language-dependent address footer.

Author: Lennart Regebro <>

Development funded by the Nordic Council and Nordic Concil of Ministers.


The product is compatible with Plone 3 and Plone 4.

Tested on Plone 3.3.5 and Plone 4.0b5.


Add collective.portlet.content to your buildout and re-run buildout. Install the product in your Plone site using the Plone Control Panel (prefs_install_products_form) or the ZMI’s portal_quickinstaller.


Go to @@manage-portlets. If the product was installed properly, you’ll have the option to add a Content Portlet.

Next, select a content item to display. It can be any type of item. You can select which of the item’s fields you want to display in the portlet’s content area:

  • Title (either as a link to the content item or as plain text)

  • Description

  • Date

  • Body text

  • Image

When the content item doesn’t have a selected field, it should work without errors, but you’d obviously not see the field in the portlet.

You can set these options separately:

  • portlet’s title as shown in @@manage-portlets screen

  • portlet header title as rendered on page (use content’s title or select custom)

  • hide portlet header altogether

  • conditionally show a portlet footer with a link to the content item (link text is configurable)

  • disable the portlet border

To do

  • translations

  • tests


1.3 (2010-07-29)

  • Plone 4 compatibility (while maintaining Plone 3 compatibility) [pcaro]

  • Added options to display fields other than the body text. [yomatters]

  • Allow portlet border, header and footer to be disabled. [khink]

  • Added z3c.autoinlude.plugin so we don’t need to add zcml to buildout. [khink]

1.2 - 2009-1-30

  • Test coverage with translated content portlets via LinguaPlone [andrewb]

  • Improved test coverage over original paster created boilerplate portlet tests. Now verify the portlet renderer contains the body text of the chosen content item. [andrewb]

  • Fixed getTranslation AttributeError when product is used outside the context of LinguaPlone aware content. [andrewb]

1.1 - 2008-11-25

  • Fixed a UnicodeDecodeError. [regebro]

1.0 - 2008-11-06

  • Initial release

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