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Rich-text portlet for Plone

Project description

Rich-text portlet for Plone


* Plone 3

* Plone 4

* Plone 4.1


This is an extended version of ``plone.portlet.static`` with
additional fields suitable for display in a static text portlet:

* Image - by reference, using the USB-widget.

* Optional URL - the title is linked to this URL, if set.

* Links - a list of internal and external links may be provided; a CSS
class name for the list output may be specified.

* Omit border

* Custom footer - with option to specify link


* View caching

Plone UI improvements

* Improved default presentation in Plone's standard UI.

* Cross-browser CSS check


Pelle Krøgholt (original implementation)
Malthe Borch (cleanup, integration with ````)


0.5 (2015-01-06)

- Add ````

- Add ``Products.CMFPlone`` as dependency for Plone4.1+.

- Added compatibility IImageScaleTraversable.

0.4 (2013-02-21)

- Fixed plone41 compatibility.

0.3 (2009-06-12)

- Added missing 0.2 and 0.3 versions changeset entries.

- Added scale field to make it possible to have images of different sizes on
portlet, before this scale was hardcoded to mini size, added appropriate test.

- Added danish (da) translation.

- Added backwards-compatibility to constructor.

0.2 (2009-06-12)

- Major code cleanup.

- Based links-field on

0.1 (2009-06-12)

- Some code style cleanups and proper use of our own MessageFactory.

- Added a proper check for text, since its a kupu/wysiwyg field len(text) is not enough

- First css / markup shoot - added support for local css and changed portlet markup to
take care of the various list links styles

- Improved the functional test for adding the rich portlet. Now the adding
portlet part in the plone portlet management made straight with the test.browser

- Links css styles dictionary implemented to make it possible to get various
looks for the list of links

- Change links list into are more *simple* approach - it got a bit confused
with 3 separate lists for creating a links list. Lets work further with
*one* links list - though this requires that the content provider is more
keen on writing up the url "url:title:description"

- Separate read / more url for portlet header / footer

- Cleaning up to get the copied stuff from plone.portlet.static to work inside plone.portlet.static

- Org. files from the wysiwyg branch of plone.portlet.static
We are especially interested in the wysiwyg text filed though this requires a
special branch of


- Initial package structure.

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