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Project Management in Plone with Dexterity Content Types

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Project Management in Plone with Dexterity Content Types


pip install plock
plock . -i collective.project
bin/plone foreground


2.0.0 (2015-07-05)

  • Plone 5 compat

1.0.1 (2012-10-29)

  • Add 4.3 compat

  • Add classifers to for all Plone 4.x

1.0.0 (2012-04-07)

  • Clean up package

0.9.5 (08/17/2011)

  • Do not hide Plone content editing border by default

  • Change default projects

  • Clean up UI

  • More package cleanup

0.9.4 (11/10/2010)

  • Clean up package

  • Rebrand as demo application

0.9.3 (12/05/2009)

  • Fix bug with calculation of hours when exactly a full day (24 hours) has been worked

  • Rename class method iteration_tool (in CreateIterationForm) to create_iteration

  • Add class method to CreateIterationForm (deactivate_iteration) to change workflow state on all active iterations (to inactive) when creating new iterations

  • UI enhancements to project, iteration, task templates

  • Factor out some class methods into

  • Improved client view template

  • Add additional fields to client type

0.9.2 (11/30/2009)

  • Provide improved installation instructions in INSTALL.txt

0.9.1 (11/19/2009)

  • Iteration tool bug fixes

  • Date range tweaks on projects, iterations

  • Add drop down menu to select Project title, powered by portal property and SimpleVocabulary

  • Add portal property to make disable border configurable on all types

0.9.0 (11/17/2009)

  • Restore iteration tool

0.8.0 (10/08/2009)

  • Fix hours calculation for increments of time < 1 hour

  • Calculate totals for active iterations only

  • Don’t show inactive iterations in iteration_templates/

  • Change defaults for start and stop of projects & iterations

0.7.0 (09/29/2009)

  • Package shipped without top level docs directory, fixed

  • projects_view was broken in several ways, fixed

0.6.0 (09/25/2009)

  • Rename package to ‘collective.project’

  • Final Dexterity content types implementation

  • Provides custom view templates for Project, Iteration, and Task as well as three top level views

0.5.0 (08/16/2009)

  • Initial Dexterity content types implementation

0.4.0 (08/14/2009)

  • Track variable and flat rate fee projects (e.g. consulting and hosting)

  • Compute totals for active projects only

0.3.0 (03/19/2009)

  • Bug fix in iteration_view template

0.2.0 (03/19/2009)

  • Add billable field to task

  • Add sort_on = getObjPositionInParent to projects_view to display projects in order

0.1.0 (03/15/2009)

  • Initial release

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