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Buildout recipe to manage jobs on a remote Jenkins CI server.

Project description


Simple buildout recipe that generated three commands *push a jenkins job*, *pull a jenkins job* and *trigger build on jenkins job*.

Recipe enables developer to sync configuration on Jenkins with buildout configuration.

Workflow to be used with the recipe:

- create and configure a job through the web
- run pull jenkins job
- later, make more changes the job through the web
- run pull jenkins job and use your SCM to diff the config
- (optional) push configuration to any other server or use it as restore
- (optional) trigger build, because you are too lazy to wait n minutes for cronjob

Supported options

The recipe supports the following options:

hostname (required)
Hostname of the Jenkins instance.

jobname (required)
Name of the Jenkins job.

jobconfig (default: jenkins_config.xml)
Name for XML configuration file for the Jenkins job, relative to buildout directory.

username (required)
Jenkins username

password (required)
Jenkins password

port (default: 80)
Jenkins port

Example usage

We'll start by creating a buildout that uses the recipe::

>>> write('buildout.cfg',
... """
... [buildout]
... parts = jenkins-job
... [jenkins-job]
... recipe = collective.recipe.jenkinsjob
... hostname = %(hostname)s
... jobname = %(jobname)s
... jobconfig = %(jobconfig)s
... username = %(username)s
... password = %(password)s
... """ % {
... 'hostname' : '',
... 'jobname' : 'Plone42',
... 'jobconfig': 'plone.xml',
... 'username': 'chuck',
... 'password': 'norris'})

Running the buildout gives us::

>>> buildout_output_lower = system(buildout).lower()
>>> "installing jenkins-job" in buildout_output_lower
>>> "generated script" in buildout_output_lower
>>> "bin/jenkins-job-push" in buildout_output_lower
>>> "bin/jenkins-job-pull" in buildout_output_lower
>>> "bin/jenkins-job-trigger-build" in buildout_output_lower

Detailed Documentation


Note: place names and roles of the people who contribute to this package
in this file, one to a line, like so:

- Timo Stollenwerk
- Domen Kožar

Change history


1.0-alpha1 (2012/02/26)

- forked from collective.recipe.hudsonjob
[tisto, iElectric]


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