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zc.buildout recipe for installing the Selenium RC distribution.

Project description

This package downloads and installs Selenium RC using zc.buildout. It is based on

buildout.cfg example:

parts = seleniumrc

recipe = collective.recipe.seleniumrc

A control script will be created based on the part name. In this case a control script will be created in bin/seleniumrc

You may also be interested in the selenium module for Python which allows you to control Selenium RC.

You can also choose the exact version of Selenium RC to be used:

parts = seleniumrc

recipe = collective.recipe.seleniumrc
url =
md5sum = 8935cc7fe4dde2fd2a95ddd818e7493b

Sometimes you may want to use another Java executable:

parts = seleniumrc

recipe = collective.recipe.seleniumrc
java-cmd = /home/www/java/bin/java

To suppress all default values (e.g., to install without verifying the MD5 checksum), use the ‘no-defaults’ option:

parts = seleniumrc

recipe = collective.recipe.seleniumrc
url =
java-cmd = /home/www/java/bin/java


Open Source License - Zope Public License v2.1


Jordan Baker (hexsprite), Author - jbb <at>

Asheesh Laroia - asheesh <at>

Hanno Schlichting - hannosch <at>

Godefroid Chapelle - gotcha <at>

Maik Roder - roeder <at>

Tres Seaver - tseaver <at>

Change History

0.5 (2010-11-02)

  • Updated the default Selenium RC version to the latest (1.0.3).

  • Added support for suppressing all default configuration values using ‘no-defaults’.

0.4 (2010-08-11)

  • Made the runner shell aware of Firefox 3.5.

  • Made the recipe compatible with versions of Selenium RC up to 1.0.3.

0.3 (2009-11-30)

  • Changed runner shell from /bin/sh to /bin/bash to avoid problems on systems where /bin/sh != /bin/bash. [hexsprite]

  • Adding documentation about choosing the exact Selenium RC version, and selecting the exact Java binary [maikroeder]

  • Updated to latest version of SeleniumRC 1.0.1. [maikroeder]

  • Updated the long_description to go on PyPI. Still needs some formatting work. [hexsprite]

0.2 (2009-02-1)

  • Updated to latest version of SeleniumRC 1.0-beta-2. [hannosch]

  • Added patches to look for firefox in the PATH in common places. Added MOZ_NO_REMOTE environment variable to force Firefox to spawn new instance. (patches from Asheesh Laroia)

  • Fixed to work with Selenium 1.0 beta 1. (patches from Asheesh Laroia)

  • Default distribution changed to Selenium 1.0 beta 1


  • initial version created at Plone Conference 2007 in Naples. [hexsprite]

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