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Various simple functions to be used in Plone's setuphandlers

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This package provides a few simple functions with common tasks used with initial site content setup.

This does not aim to be as general as possible but it may speed things up.

>>> from collective.setuphelpers.structure import setupStructure
>>> portal = layer['portal']
>>> STRUCTURE = [{'id':'example-id','title':'Example title','type':'Document'}]
>>> setupStructure(portal, STRUCTURE)
>>> portal['example-id']
<ATDocument at /plone/example-id>
>>> portal.manage_delObjects(['example-id'])

You can use subfolders etc.

>>> setupStructure(portal, layer['test_structure'])
>>> portal['testfolder']['item1'].getText()
'<p>Text body</p>'

Various methods:

def registerDisplayViews(portal, views):
  """ Register additional display views for content types based on "views"
      dictionary containing list of additional view ids for each content type.

      @example views dictionary:

          'Folder': [

          'Document': [

      @call from setup handler:

      from tools.sitesetup import registerDisplayViews
      registerDisplayViews(portal, DISPLAY_VIEWS)


def unregisterDisplayViews(portal, views):
  """ Unregister additional display views for content types based on "views"
      dictionary containing list of additional view ids for each content type
      (the same as for registerDisplayViews method).

def setupCatalog(portal, indexes={}, metadata=[]):
  """ Register portal catalog indexes and metadata columns. """

def hideActions(portal, actions):
  """ Hide actions given dict of action categories with values as list of action ids
      example actions:
      HIDE_ACTIONS = {'user':['dashboard'], 'object':['contentrules', 'local_roles']}

def registerActions(portal, actions={}):
  """ Register new portal actions using dict of action attributes like in the following
          '1': { # order in which will be action registered
              'id': 'my-action',
              'category': 'site_actions',
              'title': 'My action',
              'i18n_domain': 'myi18n.domain',
              'url_expr': string:${globals_view/navigationRootUrl}/my-action-view',
              'available_expr': 'python:member is not None'
              'permissions': ('View',),
              'visible': True

def setupTinyMCE(portal, settings):
  """ Configures tinymce wysiwyg editor. Here is an example settings object:
      'attributes': {
          'contextmenu': False,
          'link_using_uids': True,
          'allow_captioned_images': True,
          '...': True
      'commands': {
          'install_transforms': True
      'toolbar': {
      'styles': [
      'tablestyles': [
          'Subdued grid|plain',
      'linkable': [
          'News Item',
      'containsanchors': [
      'containsobjects': [
      'imageobjects': [

def setupCTAvailability(portal, settings):
  """ Use this method to allow/disable content types to be globally or locally addable.
      All non listed content types will be automatically disabled.
      Here is example settings object (NOTE: "DISABLE" key is used to disable
      content types adding globally):

          'DISABLE': [
          'Plone Site': [

def setupHTMLFiltering(portal, settings):
  """ Update html filtering configlet settings, by passing dict of settings as in the
      following example for enabling embed html content in the richtext:

      HTML_FILTER = {
          'remove': {
              'nasty': ['embed', 'object'],
              'stripped': ['object', 'param'],
              'custom': []
          'add': {
              'nasty': [],
              'stripped': [],
              'custom': ['embed']

      NOTE: you can ommit empty lists

def registerTransform(portal, name, module):

  registerTransform(portal, 'web_intelligent_plain_text_to_html',


def unregisterTransform(portal, name):

  unregisterTransform(portal, 'web_intelligent_plain_text_to_html')


def setHomePage(portal, view_name):
  """ Set default view for the site root. """

def setupNavigation(portal, settings):
  """ Use this method to exclude/include content types from navigation  globally.
      Here is example settings object:

      NAVIGATION = {
          'include': [
          'exclude': [

def hidePortletTypes(portal, portlets=[]):
      Hides portlets from the portlet management pages.
      @param: portlets - list of portlet idenifiers used in portlets.xml to register them

      example: portlets=['portlets.Calendar', 'portlets.Classic']

def registerResourceBundle(portal, bundles={}):
      Register resource registry bundles for themes (skin layers).
      @param: bundles - dict of skin layers with list of bundles

      example: RESOURCE_BUNDLES = {
          'MySkin': ['default', 'jquery', 'jquerytools'],
          'OtherSkin': ['default']

def unregisterResourceBundle(portal, layers=[]):
      Unregister custom resource registry bundles for themes (skin layers).
      @param: layers - list of layers for which will be custom bundles unregistered so the skin layer will use only 'default' bundle.

      example: BUNDLES_TO_REMOVE = ['MySkin', 'OtherSkin']


def makeFieldsInvisible(schema=None, fields=[]):
  """ Makes schemata fields respective widgets invisible in the view page or edit form.

      @schema: Archetypes schema object
      @fields: list of field ids/names

def changeFieldsSchemata(schema=None, fields=[]):
  """ Moves fields into different schemata parts like categorisation or settings etc.
      "fields" parameter is expected to be a list of dicts with key: (field) id and
      (schemata id) schemata



0.6.3 (2013-03-12)

  • added class_blacklist and style_whitelist to setupHTMLFiltering [naro]

0.6.2 (2012-09-23)

  • setupStructure accepts base_path parameter which allows to set filesystem path for files and images [naro]

0.6.1 (2012-01-10)

  • fixed broken package in use with plone < 4.2.x by ImportError of IResourceRegistriesSettings [lzdych]

0.6 (2012-01-09)

  • added registerResourceBundle and unregisterResourceBundle [lzdych]

0.5 (2012-01-09)

  • added enableUserPwdChoice method [lzdych]

  • registerActions now accepts available_expr attribute for each action [lzdych]

  • fixed: setupCTAvailability method fails when trying to disable not installed content type [lzdych]

0.4 (2011-10-13)

  • added method for hiding portlets from the portlets management pages [lzdych]

0.3 (2011-10-03)

  • fixed: TinyMCE setuphandler clears “Resource Types” settings if ommited from helper method parameter [lzdych]

0.2.1 (2011-08-18)

  • added a lot of new helper methods and improved readme ;-)

0.1 (2011-06-15)

  • Initial release

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