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Somtimes useful extensions to Products.slideshowfolder

Project description

Somtimes useful extensions to Products.slideshowfolder


The SlideshowImage content type uses a reference to an existing normal image somewhere else in the site to act as a kind of link or alias. This allows for the creation of a folder as a slideshowfolder that displays images that are actually stored elsewhere.

Start with a couple of normal folders and a normal image.

>>> portal.images
<ATFolder at /plone/images>
>>> portal.images.contentValues()
[<ATImage at /plone/images/foo-image-title>]
>>> foo_image = portal.images['foo-image-title']
>>> folder.contentValues()
[<ATFolder at /plone/Members/test_user_1_/slideshow>]
>>> folder.slideshow.contentValues()
[<ATImage at

Open a browser and login as a user who can add SlideshowImages.

>>> from Products.Five import testbrowser
>>> from Products.PloneTestCase import ptc
>>> portal.error_log._ignored_exceptions = ()
>>> member_browser = testbrowser.Browser()
>>> member_browser.handleErrors = False
>>> member_browser.getLink('Log in').click()
>>> member_browser.getControl(
...     'Login Name').value = ptc.default_user
>>> member_browser.getControl(
...     'Password').value = ptc.default_password
>>> member_browser.getControl('Log in').click()

Add a SlideshowImage. Set the “Image Reference” field to the real image in the images folder.

>>> member_browser.getLink(
...     url='createObject?type_name=SlideshowImage').click()
>>> member_browser.getControl(
...     'Image Reference').value = foo_image.UID()

Since all values are taken from the referenced image, none of the normal image fields are editable.

>>> member_browser.getControl('Title')
Traceback (most recent call last):
LookupError: label 'Title'
>>> member_browser.getControl('Description')
Traceback (most recent call last):
LookupError: label 'Description'
>>> member_browser.getControl(name='image_file')
Traceback (most recent call last):
LookupError: name 'image_file'
>>> member_browser.getControl('Creators')
Traceback (most recent call last):
LookupError: label 'Creators'

Save the new SlideshowImage.

>>> member_browser.getControl('Save').click()

The values for the fields are pulled in from the referenced image.

>>> print member_browser.contents
...Changes saved...
...Foo Image Title...
...Foo CreÃtor...
...Foo Image description...
>>> member_browser.getLink('Click to view full-size image')
<Link text='Foo Image Title[IMG] [IMG]
Click to view full-size image...'
...     folder.slideshow['foo-image-title'].absolute_url())
>>> print member_browser.contents

The catalog also reflects the data from the referenced image.

>>> len(portal.portal_catalog(
...     Type='Slideshow Image',
...     Description='Foo Image description'))

The catalogged and indexed values for the fields are also updated when the original image is edited.

Open a browser and log in as the image’s creator.

>>> owner_browser = testbrowser.Browser()
>>> owner_browser.handleErrors = False
>>> owner_browser.getLink('Log in').click()
>>> owner_browser.getControl(
...     'Login Name').value = ptc.portal_owner
>>> owner_browser.getControl(
...     'Password').value = ptc.default_password
>>> owner_browser.getControl('Log in').click()

Change the image metadata.

>>> owner_browser.getControl(
...     'Description').value = 'Foo Image edited'
>>> owner_browser.getControl('Save').click()

The catalog now reflects the changes for the SlideshowImage that references the image.

>>> len(portal.portal_catalog(
...     Type='Slideshow Image',
...     Description='Foo Image description'))
>>> len(portal.portal_catalog(
...     Type='Slideshow Image',
...     Description='Foo Image edited'))

Slideshow Folders

SlideshowImages is in a folder using the slideshowfolder view behave just like regular images.

Make the folder into a slideshowfolder.

>>> member_browser.getLink('Make slideshow').click()
>>> print member_browser.contents
...This folder is now designated a slideshow...

Check that the SlideshowImage is included in the slideshow by inspecting the JavaScript. The collective.slideshowfolder package also extends the caption to include the image’s creator for credit.

...     folder.slideshow.absolute_url()+'/slideshow_settings.js')
>>> print member_browser.contents
...Photo: Foo Full NÃme...
...Bar ImÃge description...
...Photo: Foo CreÃtor...
...Foo Image edited...

Slideshow Portlets

The collective.slideshowfolder package also provides a portlet that renders a Slideshow 2 in a portlet based on the contents of the first folder or collection specified in the “slideshow” refrence for the context.

Turn the a folder into a slideshowfolder.

>>> slideshowfolder = self.folder.slideshow
>>> self.loginAsPortalOwner()
>>> portal.portal_workflow.doActionFor(
...     slideshowfolder, 'publish')
>>> slideshowfolder.unrestrictedTraverse(
...     '@@folder_slideshow_view').makeSlideshow()

Open a browser and login as a user who can add portlets.

>>> from Products.Five import testbrowser
>>> from Products.PloneTestCase import ptc
>>> browser = testbrowser.Browser()
>>> browser.handleErrors = False
>>> browser.getLink('Log in').click()
>>> browser.getControl('Login Name').value = ptc.portal_owner
>>> browser.getControl('Password').value = ptc.default_password
>>> browser.getControl('Log in').click()

Add a slideshowfolder portlet.

>>> browser.getLink('Manage portlets').click()
>>> right_column = browser.getForm(index=3)
>>> right_column.getControl('Slideshow portlet').selected = True
>>> right_column.submit()
>>> browser.getControl('Save').click()
>>> browser.getLink('Log out').click()

Go to an area of the site without a slideshow.

>>> context =
>>> 'portletSlideshow' in browser.contents

Add a slideshowfolder reference for the context.

>>> context.addReference(slideshowfolder,
...                      relationship="slideshow")
<Reference sid:... tid:... rel:slideshow>

Now the slideshow portlet will be rendered.

>>> print browser.contents


0.8 - 2009-07-08

  • Fix the portlet add view

0.7 - 2009-03-22

  • Fix another unicode error in the caption (aaronv)

0.6 - 2009-03-21

  • Fix unicode error in the caption (aaronv)

0.5 - 2009-02-07

  • Fix a type on generated portlet JavaScript (Thanks aaronv!)

0.4 - 2008-12-03

  • Fix the portlet JavaScript

  • Make the portlet fully editable

  • More sensible height and width defaults for portlet

0.3 - 2008-12-02

  • Support for a slideshow portlet based on a reference to a slideshow folder

0.2 - 2008-11-13

  • Add the image creator as a credit in the caption

0.1 - 2008-11-12

  • Initial release

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