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Simple yes/no usefulness rating for Plone content, enables e-mail notification

Project description


This product adds a viewlet which allows users to rate the usefulness of a content item.

It also registers an Event which can be used in Plone’s Content Rules so that an e-mail can be sent immediately after a rating has been submitted.


  • Viewlet (below content) presents a form with the question “Was this information useful?”:

    • Clicking “Yes” immediately submits

    • Clicking “No” shows a comment field and submit button

  • By default, enabled for “Document” types, others selectable.

  • Can be overridden (enabled and disabled) for all content types.

  • Enables immediate e-mail notification, with the rating value (“Yes” or “No”) and rating comment (in the case of “No”) as e-mail variables.


To your buildout.cfg, add:

eggs =

After that, just install via the “Add-on” controlpanel.


Enable e-mail notification

Create a content rule which has “Usefulness rated” as a trigger. As the rule’s action, select “Send e-mail”. In the e-mail message, you can use ${usefulness_comment} and ${usefulness_value} as variables (in addition to the usual ${url} and ${title}.

Select enabled types

The “WasThisUseful-settings” form enables you to select on which content types the viewlet is available. You can reach is via the Plone control panel (“Site setup”) or directly via @@wasthisuseful-settings.

Enabling and disabling specific folders

You can override the “enabled types” behaviour by going to the “Usefulness ratings” tab. On folderish objects, you can disable rating for the folderish object and its children.

You can even do this for content items that are not in the “enabled types” list.

Whether an object has ratings enabled is decided in the following order:
  1. Has the object itself been set to enabled / disabled (using the “Usefulness ratings” tab)? If so, use that setting.

  2. Has the object’s direct parent been set to enabled / disabled (using the “Usefulness ratings” tab)? If so, use that setting.

  3. Is the object of a type that has been enabled on the “WasThisUseful-settings” controlpanel?

To do

  • Event IUsefulnessEvent seems only to be fired for non-folderish items

  • Show warning when viewing settings of item that is default view (like Topic aggregator in News Folder).

  • Show number of ratings

  • Integrate with collective.contentratings

  • Translate rating value (“Yes”/”No”) in content rule e-mail


1.0 (2012-06-13)

Stable release

0.3 (unreleased)

  • Depend on in

  • Only show wasthisuseful viewlet in views marked with IViewView

  • Added Dutch translation

  • Minor template/css changes in add this viewlet

0.2 (2011-11-15)

  • Add permission wasthisuseful: Manage ratings for controlpanel

  • Allow to disable ratings for folders (and the children in them)

  • Make settings on folder take precedende over enabled types

0.1dvldev (2011-11-04)

  • Initial release

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